Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a busy man, and next year will see the wrester turned actor take on another big action role in Earthquake drama San Andreas. It’s been quite some time since a disaster movie focused on one of these, with the last being the 1974 film Earthquake starring Charlton Heston and Ava Gardner.

San Andreas is set in Los Angeles and also stars Carla Gugino as Johnson’s (he’ll be a helicopter rescue pilot in the movie) ex-wife and Alexandra Daddario as the daughter they’re trying to save as the West Coast crumbles. Expect to see power outages, crumbling skyscrapers and even a tsunami come May 2015!

In fact, you can see almost all of those in the trailer below. It gives us a much better idea what to expect from the movie, and that will include the destruction of a number of very iconic American landmarks!

Other cast members in San Andreas include Kylie Minogue, Ioan Gruffudd and Arrow star Colton Haynes.

“It all goes down. The damage, destruction, the loss of lives,” Johnson was quoted as saying recently. “Everything that you know on the West Coast doesn’t see tomorrow.” That includes the Hollywood sign!

The first images from San Andreas can be found by clicking here. What do you think about this first look?