It’s finally happening!

The wait has been long, and it has been hard, but now the ball is officially, 100% rolling on our return to the Bluth family in Arrested Development.

We thought we were getting a movie (viewers of the original three seasons will of course know why), and then creator Mitch Hurwitz did us one better, and announced that we’d be getting an entirely new fourth season, which would lead into the long-awaited movie.

And now production on the new season has begun, and the first photos from the set have started to emerge, giving us a look at Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, a sheet-covered never-nude David Cross, and what looks to be a cameo from the guys from Comedy Central’s Workaholics.

Joining Bateman, de Rossi, and Cross will be the whole Bluth/Fünke family: Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Alia Shawkat, Tony Hale, Jessica Walter, and Jeffrey Tambor, with Ron Howard naturally returning as the brilliant narrator.

And with the Workaholics guys appearing on set early on, we can expect the usual excellent line-up of cameos, and hopefully plenty of familiar faces back on the small and big screen.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Kitty Sanchez (Judy Greer), Bob Loblaw (Scott Baio), Barry Zuckerhorn (Henry Winkler), Steve Holt (Justin Grant Wade), Uncle Oscar (Tambor), and Annyong (Justin Lee).

Netflix have already secured rights for this fourth season, which is set to start airing sometime in 2013. Given that they’ve arrived on UK shores this year, and have been cementing their presence nicely, I’m hoping they’ll simultaneously make the show available in the UK as well as the US. For now, enjoy these great first set photos, which you can click to enlarge.


Source: via Jason Bateman’s Twitter, J.Dub, and Buzzfeed.