Well, this is a surprise! The first episode of The Flash has already aired in the US before its Sky1 debut on October 28th, but some new set photos from the series reveal a first look at the villainous Reverse-Flash!

We don’t know who’s in the costume or how similar his story will be to his comic book counterpart, Eobard Thawne. In the source material, he hails from the 25th Century and travels back in time to make The Flash’s life a hell, even killing his mother by going back to when Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was just a child.

Fans didn’t expect the iconic villain – whose actions led to the DC Comics Universe being rebooted in 2011 – in the show this soon, but he’ll clearly be making his presence felt sooner rather than later.

Also below is a new trailer for the first season of The Flash which gives us an idea of what to expect now the pilot has aired. In it we see plenty of extremely impressive special effects, along with the small screen debut of the villainous Captain Cold. He’ll be played by Prison Break and Resident Evil star Wentworth Miller.

What do you think about this first look at Reverse-Flash? Click on the images for the full-size versions!