Earlier in the year, the world was treated to the awesome movie that is, Bridesmaids. If you’re a bloke and have been put off by the title of the film or the seemingly girlie subject matter, put all your masculinity aside and go and see it as it’s flippin awesome! Here we have some new images (again from the legends at The Playlist) giving us our first look at their new movie ‘Friends with Kids’ which unites Bridesmaids stars Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig.

Friends with Kids also stars Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Westfeldt, Megan Fox, Adam Scott and is also directed by Westfeldt.

Synopsis: The project revolves around a pair of thirty something best friends who observe the toll that having kids has taken on the couples they know and resolve to bypass that stress by having a child and then date other people. Adam Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt will play the lead couple; Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm will play another. Megan Fox will play a girl who Scott begins to date.

Check out the images below which have been released to coincide with the news that the movie will be playing at the Toronto International Film Festival later this year.