Just one of the many Oz related projects on the boil at the moment is Daniel St Pierre’s animated sequel of sorts, Dorothy of Oz.

The recent casting announcement of Glee starlet Lea Michele as Dorothy made complete sense and we’ve got a peek at what she, and the supporting cast will look like when the film hits.

Returning Dorothy to Oz to find a tornado wrecked Emerald City isn’t the worst idea out there, and the cast below is pretty impressive. Oh, and the newly behearted Tin Man and (now no longer cowardly) Lion will apparently overcompensate in light of their gifts – so a hysterically empathetic Tin Man and a Lion awash with mindless bravado is on the cards.

Time to take a look at the characters sketches.

The official website is pretty nice, with a bite of the soundtrack that reminds me of the 80s TV adaptation of Anne of Green Gables. Fact.

MovieWeb pointed us to the pics. Fact.