Rob Holder, Writer / Director of brand has been in touch to give us a heads up on his new movie Eliminate: Archie Cookson which he describes as “Tinker, Tailor….with laughs”. I’ve just watched the trailer and it looks fabulous with a real quirky British feel. It’s so great to see British film-makers thriving at what we all love so much!

The movie has already been screened at Minghella, Montreal and is set to for it’s US premiere at Mill Valley Film Festival alongside Ralph Fiennes’ ‘Coriolanus’ and Lynn Ramsay’s ‘We need to talk about Kevin’.

Eliminate: Archie Cookson stars Paul Rhys as the title character alongside Claire Skinner, Georgia King, Paul Ritter, Richard Cambridge, Phillip Manikum, Nicholas Day and Freddy Downham.

Synopsis: When Archie Cookson, a washed-up British spy, mysteriously receives stolen secret tapes, he becomes the target of an assassination by senior MI6 officials. Archie survives the elimination of his departmental colleagues only to be confronted by his long time friend and ex-CIA ‘problem solver’, Ennis Miller.

Initially appearing to be Archie’s salvation, Ennis is soon revealed to be a reluctant assassin hired to finish the job, but instead grants a stay of execution for Archie to reconcile his differences with his estranged family. As the grim reality of the next 48 hours begins to dawn on Archie, a chance encounter with an alluring young woman fires up the long lost passion and fight that Archie once possessed.

Determined to evade his tormentors and bring to justice those responsible for the tapes, Archie battles to right his wrongs whilst inadvertently endangering the lives of those he loves in the process as Ennis tries to ELIMINATE: Archie Cookson

Check out the trailer and images below (which you can click to enlarge) and keep you eyes peeled for more from this team of filmmakers. You can find out more about the movie on their official website here or on their Facebook Fanpage here.

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