14. Edge of Tomorrow

Poor old Tom Cruise hasn’t crossed $100m domestically in anything other than a Mission: Impossible movie since War of The Worlds in 2005. How cheesed-off  must he have been to see this sci-fi take on Groundhog Day make £99,978,944 – especially since the budget was an eye-popping $178m? The fate of Edge of Tomorrow was sealed by its limp title change (how much cooler was “All You Need Is Kill”) and a rather generic marketing that failed to sell what was actually one of the most enjoyable and ingenious thrill-rides of the summer. Time will be kind to this one.

Lucy 5

13. Lucy

How fantastic for fans of Subway, La Femme Nikita and Léon to see Luc Besson directing a $114m-grossing summer megahit. Much as this has the director’s trademarks stamped all over it, Lucy is Scarlett Johansson’s triumph. Similarly esoteric fare like Her and Under The Skin which Johansson is slotting in between stints as Black Widow prove that she’s one of the bravest and most fearless actresses out there and on this evidence, audiences are clearly more than happy to join her for the ride.

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