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Earlier today, the second (and final) trailer for Logan was released, and while it’s clear that director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman are keeping as much of the movie under wraps as possible, this latest sneak peek still featured a lot of very interesting reveals.

Logan is shaping up to be one of 2017’s best movies, and with an R-Rating and Jackman saying this is his last stab at playing Wolverine, we have lots of reasons to be excited!

What you’ll find here then is a look at the ten biggest reveals in our breakdown from the final trailer, including new details on the setting, the characters, and possibly even a costume for Wolverine! We even take a look to see what this preview could mean for the future of the X-Men franchise…

10. X-23

We’ve suspected for a while now that Laura is actually X-23, and there’s been more than enough evidence to support that. However, for anyone who had any doubts, this trailer makes it 100% clear as we see the young mutant in action taking down a poor sales clerk every bit as easily as the cybernetically enhanced men led by Boyd Holbrook’s mysterious villain.┬áDespite only being a child, she’s every bit as capable as Wolverine, and while we only see the two claws which come out of her hands being used here, those lucky enough to have watched the first forty minutes of the movie have confirmed that she has a third in each foot.

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  • Gurpreet

    Can’t wait for this!

  • Russell Pinches

    Looks such an awesome film. Can’t wait!!

  • Corinne Fisher

    Can’t wait for this to come out, just gutted it will be the last of Logan

  • Dominique Clarke

    Legacy Virus, X-23, Patrick Stewart and Rated R!

    This is set to be the best Marvel film for me so far. Me, My partner and Kids (Although they will have to miss this one!) Love Wolverine. Hope they don’t kill off the character.. Love Hugh but would love to see somebody else have a go at the role!