Many movies choose to feature a casino as part of their story and there are plenty of reasons as to why they are included. The most obvious reason for a casino to feature in modern film is because it is a great setting for an interesting plot to take place. If the film is based in or on a casino, a gambler, or a casino game, it is clear one is going to be included in the movie. The topic could be about professional gambling or someone who runs a casino, in which case, the bulk of the movie is going to feature a casino.

(l to r) “Lil Man” (Jonathan Majors), Cathy (Taylour Paige), “White Boy Rick” Richie Merritt, “Boo” (RJ Cyler) and “Big Man” (YG), in Las Vegas for a boxing fight in Columbia Pictures’ and Studio 8’s WHITE BOY RICK.

However, there are a lot of films that are not based on gambling that choose to feature a casino at some point during the film. One of the reasons for this could be to add some class and style to the movie. A casino setting is often glamorous and gives off the impression of style and sophistication. Characters can be dressed to impress when at a casino in a movie and casino scenes can add something special, providing contrast to other scenes in the movie. Some of the casino buildings around the world are stunning, both inside and out and make for great backdrops to a scene. Movies have filmed on location at some of the world’s most luxurious casinos destinations, such as the famed Monte Carlo in Daniel Craig’s first outing as internal super spy, James Bond in Casino Royale and they add a star quality to the movie.

Another reason casinos often feature in modern cinema is to add an element of risk. Gambling is risky and while there is the possibility of winning money, there is also a chance the character could lose money, which builds tension. Drama and action movies will choose to include a casino scene to add slow burning tension to a film. One spin of the roulette wheel or turn of a card could make an enormous difference to what is going to happen next in a movie and can sometimes end in conflict with another player.

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Due to the amount of money being gambled in big casinos, there is always a lot of cash on the premises and that makes casinos the perfect location for a heist. Security is high and that makes it a massive challenge for those conducting the heist to stage the robbery. A lot of planning is required to stage a successful heist and using a casino means characters can be working from both inside and outside the building.

Casinos are often used in modern cinema as a way of introducing or developing shady characters. The character could be the owner of the casino and is using the casino as a front to disguise criminal activity. A casino can also be used to watch a criminal working the tables and cheating his way to victory. A con artist is a great character and can come alive in a casino setting, fooling those around him or her to win.

Finally, using a casino in a movie can provide an adrenaline rush for both the characters and the audience. Nothing beats the feeling of stepping into a glamorous casino and using a casino can increase the intensity level of a movie. Think about how you feel when you walk into a big casino, ready to play games and how that would translate to a character in a movie.