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Although it was announced before release that Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them was going to span five films, the first part of the series works incredibly well as a standalone story (so much so it should win over the Potter newbies who brave what is in reality the ninth film in a blockbusting franchise).

J.K. Rowling, now serving as screenwriter, shows she’s lost none of the world-building vision and storytelling prowess that made Harry Potter such a phenomenon, detailing a surprisingly intimate episode in the Wizarding World about an unlikely quartet of heroes.

Although while certainly not The Hobbit, which paused every five minutes or so to remind you that The Lord Of The Rings happened, that doesn’t mean the film’s light on little clues for where the series could possibly go or that there’s not some plot threads clearly left open for more exploration down the line. There’s plenty to keep Potterheads (Scamandfans?) speculating until the second entry hits in 2019.

Here are ten key elements that point towards what we can expect in the next four movies.


10. Grindelwald’s Wizarding War

johnny depp grindelwald fantastic beasts and where to find them

It’s long been known that Grindelwald would have some presence in Fantastic Beasts – the casting of A-list gurner Johnny Depp and the reveal the series will span 19 years, all the way up to 1945 – the year of the dark wizard’s defeat, cemented that – but the film doesn’t shy from making that known.

We open with Grindelwald’s attacks as a framing device and throughout the movie the horror he’s wreaking on Europe haunts MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America), building up to the reveal he’s been around all along posing as Colin Farrell’s Graves.

In light of the twist, it seems like he was hoping to recruit the obscenely powerful child in New York to his band of followers who believe wizard-kind are superior, but what his exact endgame is isn’t elaborated on much here before he’s carted off to the American Azkaban.

Yes, that’s right – in an unexpected turn, at the end of the film he’s actually taken in, meaning we can expect a jailbreak in the not-too-distant future so he can return to his campaign.

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