Facebook is looking to jump on the money-spinning bandwagon for their video platform by undertaking a deal which could see them involved with a TV reality series based on Footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The original series will take the format of a docu-series over the length of 13 episodes, with Ronaldo pocketing a whopping $10 million for the privilege of letting the cameras follow his daily life for the show.

This whole deal comes as no surprise, Ronaldo and the social media giant are already in business together. Facebook already has a deal in place with the Megastar Footballer – who just happens to have the highest amount of followers on Facebook with 120 million – and his studio partner Paul Lee. Facebook Watch has ordered their company wiip for a scripted drama about a diverse high-school girls soccer team in upstate New York that inspires the local community to transcend racial, ethnic and class differences dividing it.

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Facebook has invested in a number of original shows for Watch over the past year. But it’s investment of $10 million, the Ronaldo project would be their most ambitious to acquire high-profile content with worldwide appeal.

The Ronaldo reality show would be patterned on Tom Brady docu-series Tom vs. Time, which follows the 40-year-old New England Patriots QB both on and off the field in his 18th season in the NFL.

As World Cup fever is gripping world audiences, Ronaldo and his national Portuguese team won’t be a part of the rest of the tournament after crashing out of the competition, losing to Uruguay in the round of 16.