Ridley Scott’s Prometheus arrived in the cinemas earlier this year, dazzling and dividing audiences and critics.

It left behind many questions, not least what direction, if any, the sequels would take and so it is with a sense of deja vu that the promotional campaign begins for the DVD and Blu-ray release with more mystery and an odd look at one of the characters in Scott’s film.

While we’ve not got a definitive answer on what the Blu-ray will bring (director’s cut or commentary perhaps?) the chance to revisit Scott’s return to the Alienverse is a welcome one. I’m particularly looking forward to the behind the scenes material, and am hoping for an in-depth look at the creative process behind the film.

We’ve got a number of exclusive stills and a clip, or more accurately a transmission. Click on them to make each one big.

Prometheus is released on Blu-ray and DVD from 8 October, 2012 courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.