Yesterday we published our interview with John Carter director Andrew Stanton, and earlier today our interview with Willem Dafoe went live. Next up in our series of John Carter interviews is leading lady Lynn Collins, who plays Martian princess Deja Thoris.

While the interview went a bit more smoothly than the previous two, it was still slightly odd. Initially we spoke about Collins’ experience filming in the UK, and how she the physical training she went through helped her to create the character. Things took a turn for the strange however, when Collins began talking about the psychological change she went through, mirroring some of the things she spoke about at the film’s premiere.

We got back on track with a discussion about the serious and professional attitude she and her cast mates took in their approach to what is, in essence, a pretty silly ‘popcorn’ movie, and the difficulties of filming a movie while dressed primarily in a rather skimpy outfit.

Check back later for our interview with John Carter himself, Taylor Kitsch. All our coverage of John Carter including my review can be found here.

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