Death-Race-Inferno-BD-PackshotToday we have the first images released from the third movie in the Death Race series – Death Race: Inferno.  The franchise kicked off in 2009 with Jason Statham in the lead role and then the sequel had Luke Goss appear as Carl ‘Luke’ Lucas opposite Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames, Sean Bean and  Tanit Phoenix. Thames, Trejo and Phoenix return for the third instalment alongside and Dougray Scott helmed by Roel Reiné.

The trailer for the movie was released back in the Summer and as it Scott states, “More cars, more cons, more death!” What’s not to like! Scroll down to check out the trailer and these new images.

A new setting breathes life into this high-octane adventure where prisoners try to earn their freedom by competing in an off road race to the death in the African desert outside Kalahari Desert Maximum Security Prison. During his stay at the Terminal Island Prison, Carl Lucas has secretly transformed himself into the celebrated Frankestein: winner of three death races broadcast live around the world. Now having won his fourth race, Lucas finds himself just one victory away from earning freedom for himself and his pit crew. Weyland, the owner of the company behind the Death Race broadcasts, has big ideas about taking the Death Race out of the prison and into foreign venues. The rules of this adrenaline-fuelled blood sport continue to be simple, drive–or die. Strap yourself in for an insane thrill-ride!

Here we get a first images from which will be released February 4th 2013 and you can pre-order your copy here.

  • BobSmith111

    Both the preview and the photo’s make this movie look like something I’d be willing to watch. One of my coworkers at DISH recommended Death Race 3. He said it was one of the best action movies he’s seen in quite a while. I’m almost tempted to run out and buy it, but most of the movies I’ve bought over the years only get watched once or twice, so I’m going to put this movie in my Blockbuster @Home queue and rent it instead. With Blockbuster from DISH, I can afford to rent what I want (thousands of other movies by mail, and video games too) for a flat, low monthly fee.