Following on from the trailer that we put up a few weeks ago, Artificial Eye have just sent over an exclusive clip from their new movie,  The Big Picture which stars Romain Duris (Heartbreaker) and Catherine Deneuve. It’s directed by Eric Lartigau and will be with us 22nd July.

Paul Exben is a success story – a great job, a beautiful wife and two wonderful sons.

Except that this is not the life he has been dreaming of. A moment of madness is going to change his life, forcing him to assume a new identity that will enable him to live his life fully…

Starring in the lead role of “Paul” is enigmatic French actor Romain Duris following acclaimed performances in The Beat That My Heart Skipped and the mainstream rom-com Heartbreaker. A huge box-office hit in France earlier this year, the film also stars the prolific Catherine Deneuve alongside Marina Foïs (22 Bullets) and Niels Arestrup (A Prophet) and is directed by Eric Lartigau (I Do). It is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Douglas Kennedy and is the first of two adaptations of his books to be released in cinemas this year with Pawel Pawlikowski ’s The Woman in the Fifth coming soon.

As the title suggests, this clip shows things going up in flames!