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Edgar Wright started working on Ant-Man way back in 2006. However, numerous delays meant that even by 2012 it still hadn’t been made, but Marvel decided that they would allow the filmmaker to follow his vision, something which meant that founding Avengers Ant-Man and The Wasp weren’t included in that movie.

Now, Ant-Man is finally happening, and while Edgar Wright is no longer attached, the movie is still set to follow his idea of having Scott Lang steal the Ant-Man suit from Pym, becoming a hero in the process.

That idea originates from the comic books, though there are some clear differences between them and this movie, especially as this Pym is quite a bit older and will serve as a mentor of sorts to the former thief.

Changes like that to the source material are inevitable though, and like most Marvel Studios movies, there is clearly a lot in Ant-Man which is inspired by his comic book adventures. As an Avenger and the creator of Ultron, there are plenty of Hank Pym stories to choose from, but where can you learn more about Scott?

Here, you will find a list of the six must-read stories which will tell you all there is to know about Scott Lang/Ant-Man before he makes his big screen debut next month. With Paul Rudd confirmed to star in Captain America: Civil War, this tiny hero is about to have a big impact, so these are all 100% essential…


6. Marvel Premiere #47 – 48

Ant-Man 1

This is where it all began for Scott Lang. After original Ant-Man Hank Pym had moved on to a number of other identities (including Giant Man and Yellowjacket), 1979 saw the introduction of a new version of the character.

Initially introduced in the pages of The Avengers as an employee of Stark Industries, this two-part tale revealed both Scott’s criminal past and his relationship with his young daughter Cassie. It also saw him break into Pym’s home to steal his Ant-Man costume in order to use it to save Cassie’s life by rescuing heart surgeon Dr. Sondheim from the evil Darren Cross.

Realising that Scott had stolen his costume for noble means, he refused to take the suit back and gave him his blessing to become the new Ant-Man. This brief story arc inspired Edgar Wright and has clearly influenced the movie, so it’s well worth tracking down.

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