Out today is John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place, the latest white knuckle horror film to seemingly come from nowhere. It’s a wonderful thing, in this age of the ever-decreasing circle of remakes and toothless sequels, that these new takes on well worn genres are bringing in the crowds.

We spoke to leading actress Emily Blunt about working with her husband throughout the journey of the film; from script to shooting to SXSW where she jumped out of her seat along with the rest of the audience. She also talks about the sound design and the presence of silence and how sound becomes the bad guy in the film.

She also talks briefly about working with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jack Whitehall on Disney’s Jungle Cruise, as well as reinventing the role of Mary Poppins for the forthcoming sequel.

A Quiet Place is out in cinemas now. Read our review here.

Emily Blunt A Quiet Place Interview



The premise is simple; set in a dystopian future, aliens have taken over the planet and while they seem impossible to defeat, they do have a weakness – they’re blind. This means they only attack when they can hear people, and so we delve into the survival of a particular family, consisting of Lee (John Krasinski), Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and their three children. They can’t make a noise, for if they do, they’ll be killed, which tragically proves to be the case when their youngest child is killed. Heartbroken and empty they have an obligation to each other to stay alive, and stay quiet. But that’s somewhat more challenging than it sounds, particularly when Evelyn becomes pregnant.