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First Person DBZ combat, could be fun

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Super Saiyan?  Wondered how it would feel to charge up a Kamehameha and blast an enemy into outer space?  Well Dragonball Z for Kinect might fit the bill.  It doesn’t look earth shattering, but more so what you’d expect from a DBZ game made for Kinect.  The first person combat reminds me of Mocap Boxing from the arcade, minus the intergalactic space showdowns.  A grueling punch fest mixed in with some amusing DBZ specific gestures (case in point at 1:11 of the trailer) and could be entertaining, but only time will tell.

Looks like simple menu navigation, always a plus for Kinect titles
This is where you scan those QR cards and get extra content, how nifty

This trailer not only shows off some gameplay, but also the game’s QR functionality, which will allow players to scan in special DBZ branded cards with QR codes, unlocking new characters and other content for the game.  Not a terribly original idea, but a creative way to implement DLC.  There will be 20 cards in all according to the trailer and I can only guess with more coming out sporadically over the game’s lifetime.  That is it for now folks, but stay tuned for more news regarding Dragonball Z for Kinect here at HeyUGuys Gaming.