2017 marks a time in history where there are more media and entertainment channels than ever before. Consumers have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to new programing, instant access to old favorites, and endless innovation at every turn. But even while the new and the different are making headlines, a silent majority are sticking to the tried-and-true, TV options that bring their favorite shows and movies directly into their homes, with more features and options than ever.

Directv and Dish network have been household names for many years, and they’re still the choice of millions of consumers around the country. If you have one or the other, or you are considering bringing one of these two options into your home for the first time, you likely want to know which one offers the most in 2017. Both are excellent services, but we think there’s one that beats out the competition, especially at this time in home entertainment history.

One of the biggest factors when considering a satellite TV provider is customer service. You might think that it’s about the shows or exclusive content, but with so many great options from both providers, this is almost a wash (though we’ll discuss it below). For now, let’s talk about how to get in touch with someone who can help you out if something goes wrong with your service. Directv is known for their excellent, friendly customer service, but they can’t compete with Dish and its 24/7 customer assistance. Users can get on the phone with a live representative anytime, day or night, meaning you’ll never miss the program you enjoy most, no matter how late at night you watch.

One of Dish’s coolest attributes is the Hopper, which will let users skip over commercials in Primetime. For long time TV viewers who have always been forced to watch minute after minute of advertisements, just to get back to the programming they tuned in for, this can feel like an impossible extravagance. Once you’ve tried it you’ll never want to go back. Dish customers can also watch TV anywhere they have an internet connection, a service not provided through Directv.

When it comes to channels, there is more variety with Directv (and NFL Sunday Ticket is also a Directv exclusive), but nobody with Dish wants for channels and variety of options either. What’s more, Dish allows users to record up to 16 programs at once, which Directv supports only 5 simultaneous show recordings. This way you’ll never miss the shows you want to see, even if 16 of them play at the same time on the same day.

Finally, we’ve got to talk about price. Dish really does beat out Directv in this category, and this may be the deciding factor for some of our readers. What’s more, Dish allows users to pick their premium content a la carte. For instance, if you like HBO but don’t watch much else, you can get HBO for $15 and not have to pay for other premium content like Showtime.

At the end of the day, Dish seems to edge Directv out at this stage of 2017. If you love the NFL, Directv might still be your choice, but otherwise when it comes to variety, features, and value, Dish seems to be the best.