Following weeks of unsubstantiated rumours of a Deadpool/Wolverine crossover happening at one point, including a particularly insistent report that Deadpool would appear in James Mangold’s Logan, we have our answer. On the weekend that Hugh Jackman’s swansong served up a huge box office haul a short teaser for Deadpool 2 played in cinemas along with its X-stablemate. That teaser has made its way online and it’s exactly what you’d expect from the man.

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The road to a Deadpool sequel hasn’t been without its potholes. The original director Tim Miller left the second film following a disagreement with the star. Apparently Miller “wanted more of a stylised sequel, while the actor placed his focus more on the raunchy comedy style that earned the first movie its R rating” according to The Wrap, and there was allegedly some problem with the casting of Cable. More on that later…

Deadpool 2 Hope Summers

The trailer is typically ribald, with a marvelous use of one of the most iconic superhero themes. Reynolds is so clearly at home playing this character that the tonal squabbles look to have been ironed out in the actor’s favour. Now, back to Cable. There’s something in the teaser that’s less obvious that the Logan movie signage and the Firefly posters. On the phone booth you’ll see the name Nathan Summers – this would be Cable, seemingly confirming his appearance in the sequel. Some sites have drawn attention to the graffiti of the word ‘Hope’ which appears in the background (see above). Hope Summers is Cable’s daughter, and this could indicate that there will be a family affair for Wade Wilson to get caught up in.

It’s a great teaser, just what we’d expect from Reynolds and gives us hope that the next Deadpool film will be as fun as the first.

Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer – No Good Deed