It’s not set to be released until 2020, but Warner Bros. is now said to be “aggressively” moving forward with Green Lantern Corps. They’ve chosen David Goyer (The Dark Knight) and Justin Rhodes (Fantastic Voyage) to pen the screenplay, and the hunt for a director is expected to begin shortly. However, they’ll want to have a finished script in place first.

As expected, Deadline confirms that the two leads will be Hal Jordan and John Stewart, two human Green Lanterns who also so happen to be the most beloved members of the Corps.

Further story details obviously haven’t been revealed at this stage, but we do know that Geoff Johns (a comic book writer with a great deal of history with the Green Lantern Corps and the man overseeing the DC Films Universe these days) will executive produce.

That’s very good news, especially as Goyer tends to be a little hit and miss as a writer! He wrote an early version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and was responsible for Man of Steel, a movie which made some very strange decisions fans still complain about today.

The last Green Lantern movie was released in 2011 and starred Ryan Reynolds. A critical and commercial disaster, Warner Bros. has no other choice than to get this version right.