In the nicest way possible, Final Score is a completely absurd piece of cinema. Thankfully, this is a statement backed up by the film’s leading man, as we spoke to Dave Bautista about this unapologetically entertaining action thriller.

Bautista discusses why he feels audiences should go in with an open mind, and whether he himself is a fan of ‘soccer’ given the films ties to West Ham United. We also discuss his forthcoming production Stuber, and whether he is consciously stepping in to new genres in a bid to show off his range as an actor. This leads into a discussion about the challenges in overcoming stereotypes for actors who come out of WWE, and lastly, we ask him about Disney’s firing of James Gunn from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. The actor has been very vocal on social media about his thoughts on the matter, so we asked about the aftermath, and whether he had any apprehensions in speaking out against a company he is under contract with.

Watch the full interview below:


Dave Bautista stars as an ex-soldier forced into action when armed terrorists take control of a packed football stadium.

Final Score is released on September 7th.