The Little Mermaid - Dark Retelling ( the wake of Timmy Burton’s rather successful reimagining of Alice In Wonderland, Sony have announced they’ll be tackling a dark retelling of the ‘Little Mermaid’.

Based on Carolyn Turgeon’s book ‘Little Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale’ the story follows a princess who, in an attempt to save her doomed kingdom, sets out on a trecherous journey to marry a prince of her rival kingdom.  What she doesn’t know is that a beautiful mermaid has also fallen for the same man, sacrificing everything to be with him…DUN DUN DERRRRRRR.

Country Strong director Shana Feste has been given the greenlight to write and direct; with a rather strong emphasis on making it very un-Disney and little more true to Hans Christian Anderson’s originally darker shade of evil story.

Source – The Hollywood Reporter.