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Following the release of the first teaser trailer for Daredevil season two, excitement is at an all-time high for the return of Matt Murdock to Netflix next year. In fact, the first season was so well-received and popular with viewers, that both Marvel and the online streaming service drastically altered their plans for The Defenders by giving Daredevil a second season!

With major new additions in the form of Elektra and The Punisher, it’s clear that Daredevil’s life is about to get a whole lot more complicated, but those two barely scratch the surface of what we’re hoping to see in this corner of Hell’s Kitchen when ‘ol Hornhead returns in 2016!

Here, you will find the ten things we most want to see in Daredevil season two. We’re not just talking about characters either, as there are a long list of comic book moments, Easter Eggs, and more which all need to factor into this series in a major way moving forward!

If you’re new to The Man Without Fear’s corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or just need a refresher, be sure to check out our in-depth looks at everything you need to know about Elektra by clicking here, and everything you need to know about The Punisher right here.

10. The Logo

Daredevil 1Seeing as Daredevil didn’t get his name until the closing moments of season one, it obviously makes sense that Mevin Potter didn’t include the classic “DD” logo on the costume he put together for him. It may seem silly to complain about it not being there as we move into season two, but with Matt Murdock seemingly embracing his role as a superhero, this addition to his costume should be included.

Based on the teaser trailer however, it doesn’t look like he’ll have it just yet, but that could easily be solved by Daredevil’s costume being heavily damaged early on and a new one – with the logo, and hopefully a lot more red – replacing it. This is ultimately a small alteration, but one fans will appreciate hugely.

9. The Daily Bugle

Daily Bugle

The history making deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures unfortunately took place after Daredevil had finished shooting, hence why Ben Urich was a writer for the New York Bulletin instead of The Daily Bugle. However, now that Spider-Man is officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would be very cool to see this iconic newspaper referenced in some way.

We don’t necessarily need a new journalist in the series (that’s been well explored by this stage), but a headline like the one above? It would be a very cool nod to the world of Spider-Man and a welcome return to this iconic institution following The Amazing Spider-Man’s baffling and infuriating decision to not incorporate the Bugle into that franchise.

8. References To The Defenders

Jessica LukeDaredevil was the first of Marvel’s four Netflix TV shows (the others being Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist), and while there were references to the world of Iron Fist in the first season, all of the above were far too early in development for cameos or any other sort of significant Easter Eggs to be included. That’s since changed.

Jessica Jones has completed shooting and Luke Cage has now started, so either one of those characters could easily show up in Daredevil. If a physical appearance isn’t on the cards, then we should certainly be able to see some sort of nod to Jessica Jones’ Alias Investigations or Luke’s activities in Harlem at this point. Simply expanding on those Iron Fist references would be no bad thing though.

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