All Quiet on the Western Front won Best Picture and Best Director for Lewis Milestone at the Oscars back in 1930 and news today is that Daniel Radcliffe aka Mr. Harry Potter is going to star in the remake. All Quiet was also nominated that year for Best Writing and Best Cinematography and no doubt Sliding Down Rainbows Entertainment who are producing the movie will hope to recapture some of the magic that made the original such a success.

Radcliffe will play the lead role in the movie about Paul Baumer fighting in the trenches during the first world war. It seems rather strange that the original movie was made even before the Second World War, a war in which probably the majority of all war films have been based. The movie was adapted from the novel by German author, Erich Maria Remarque and later translated into English by Brian O. Murdoch.

Variety broke the news earlier today on their blog, Boffo announcing that Ian Stokell and Lesley Paterson have written the script and will be producing the movie stating:


“Daniel brings a vulnerability and innocence to Paul. When we realized how much he loved the script we were really excited because we know he can tap into the delicate balance between intensity and believability that is critical for this demanding role.”

IMDb also has Bernard Hill down to star as General Reinhardt.

Shooting to begin in Spring 2012 so there’s a little while to wait for this one I’m afraid. I think for the first time, I can write that movie will be released 2013! Man, that is rather a long way away!