class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-57976″ style=”margin: 10px;” title=”Crysis 2: ‘Better On PC Than PS3/Xbox 360′” src=”×150.jpg” alt=”Crysis 2: ‘Better On PC Than PS3/Xbox 360′” width=”220″ height=”149″ />It’s something that hardened PC gamers have been arguing for years.

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has claimed that PCs are capable of obliterating the PS3 and Xbox 360’s innovative technology, and that the PC is “already a generation ahead.”

Speaking to Edge about Crysis 2’s move away from PC exclusivity and development across all three platforms, Yerli expressed his frustration at the lack of support for the PC.

“As long as the current console generation exists and as long as we keep pushing the PC as well, the more difficult it will be to really get the benefit of both,” Yerli told the latest issue of Edge.

“PC is easily a generation ahead right now. With 360 and PS3, we believe the quality of the games beyond Crysis 2 and other CryEngine developments will be pretty much limited to what their creative expressions is, what the content is. You won’t be able to squeeze more juice from these rocks.”

Before you start readying your picket signs against industry big boys Sony and Microsoft though, he’s also acknowledged that the fault also lays at the developers’ feet.

“I generally think it’s still developers’ mentality [that is to blame],” he added. “A lot nowadays don’t consider PC a big issue any more; their [sales] expectations are nowhere near what they are for the console versions. Until the PC market creates comparable revenues, companies are not going to spend enough on the PC SKU of a game.”

Crysis 2 is released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in March 2011.