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7. Relationship with Apollo Creed

With glimpses into the life of Adonis Creed, the big insight we gain is the fact he never knew his legendary father, Apollo. The admission of this in the trailer sees a reaction from Michael B. Jordan’s Creed that gives mixed messages.

Is it a feeling of resentment for his father or one of frustration of the reminder of his last name?

One of the themes is almost certainly going to be of Adonis asserting his own place in the boxing world to escape the shadow of his legendary father akin to what we seen in Rocky Balboa with his son, Robert.


6. Adrian’s/Rocky’s first encounter with Adonis Creed


A minor point to mention but one worth making is the first encounter between Rocky and Adonis Creed.

We see the pair meet in Adrian’s, the restaurant owned by Philadelphia’s favorite son, which was introduced in Rocky Balboa.

We not only see here a reference to the behind-closed-door third fight between Rocky and Apollo Creed, but also that Stallone’s Balboa still has a stable and settled life.

It may also help establish a timeline between what we seen in Rocky Balboa after his last fight against Mason “The Line” Dixon to the events that will take place in Creed.


5. Apollo’s Shorts

Apollo's shorts

Now for those with a keen eye, there appears to be some form of passing of the torch where we see Adonis Creed dawning the Apollo Creed stars and stripes shorts in one of his fights.

Slightly altered to the current style of boxing shorts it would appear, it only seems fitting that the son of “The Count of Monte Fisto” dawns such iconic ring gear.

A spin-off of this kind from a hugely successful series of films [with the exception of Rocky V, that we can hope in some alternate universe never actually exists] is a clear passing of the torch where beloved characters are being entrusted to new filmmakers.

Sylvester Stallone, who directed many of the films in the Rocky franchise, has handed over the directing duties to Ryan Coogler who also co-wrote the screenplay with Aaron Covington.

To have the trust and clear approval of Sylvester Stallone makes Creed all the more exciting.


4. Mary Anne Creed

Mary Anne Creed

With Adonis Creed never knowing his father the trailer sees the return of the character Mary Anne Creed, who never really featured in any great capacity in the Rocky films.

No flashbacks, this is in present day and Creed presents a great opportunity to give more time to the character that will be played by Phylicia Rashad. This could open up endless possibilities into more about Apollo Creed which then can be tied into Creed.

Hopefully this character will have prominence and add a layer of history and emotion to the story.

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