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With various movie franchises undergoing either the remake or prequel treatment, here we see the first film in what could be deemed as the expansion of the Rocky universe.

And now that the proverbial dust has settled, it is safe to say the first trailer for Creed may have pleasantly surprised some of the cynics out there. We take a closer look at what we could expect from the Rocky series spin-off.

You wanna ring the bell? Ding ding…

10. Philadelphia


It would almost seem sacrilege for any possible Rocky spin-off not to take place or at least feature the “City of Brotherly Love”. Now that the Creed trailer has confirmed the film will be set in Philadelphia the Rocky fanatics out there can breathe a sigh of relief.

The city itself has become a character of its own in the Rocky series and the trend is set to continue in this expanded universe. A flew flashes of some familiar sights in the first Creed trailer makes it clear that it will be a film with grit but is building its own identity within a known setting.


9. Mighty Mick’s Boxing

Might Mick's Gym

We know from the synopsis released that Adonis Johnson has sought out the services of Rocky Balboa to guide his boxing career. But what is touching is that it would appear that Mighty Mick’s Boxing is still open and indeed thriving.

Given that from the Rocky films the gym eventually closed, it would make sense given the lapse in time to be another gym that has adopted the name and is possibly now a franchise of some kind in Philadelphia.

Either way, we can all expect Adonis Creed to eat lightning and crap thunder.


8. Training Montage

Montage 2

Speedballs, heavy bags and running are all features in the trailer to whet the appetite where we see Adonis Creed hard at work in the gym. Fans of the Rocky films know to expect a training montage of some kind and those unfamiliar will soon find out.

Expect any montage in Creed to be a little more understated though.

It is almost unavoidable for any boxing film, good or bad, not to include a training montage. Creed seems to be no different but the trailer alludes to grit in these scenes that have a similar feeling to that of The Fighter.

So it is safe to say there will be no mountain climbing but there is a reference to Rocky IV as we see Adonis ducks and weave under rope just as a bearded Balboa did in Russia.

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