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What classifies a film as “bad” is clearly subjective. There are movies in the following list of lucrative celluloid bilge that I thought to be a worthwhile use of my eyes, if not my brain. Arguably, not all of the worst movies of 2014 feature; I, Frankenstein, A Million Ways to Die in the West, The Legend of Hercules, Grace of Monaco, Vampire Academy, Sabotage, for the simple reason that they didn’t make enough money.

The qualifying criteria for this rundown of recompensed turkeys is a certified rotten rating from Rotten Tomatoes, and a noticeably disproportionate worldwide box office gross from the data supplied by Box Office Mojo. The rest of the muscle work has been done by me, a keen observer of box-office results of a Sunday evening.

There have been times when I’ve lost faith in the movie going public; the likes of Cloud Atlas and Scott Pilgrim underperforming in a climate that allows the inexplicable success of Grown Ups ($271M worldwide). The following are films that buck the trend, defy the negative word of mouth, and drown out the scathing critical notices with the ringing of tills. This isn’t cinematic snobbery, more a dissection of why some stinkers come up smelling of roses when it comes to bean counting.

Let’s begin…


Worldwide gross $242.7m
48% rating


An unnecessary reboot of the Paul Verhoeven classic, and perhaps a harsh inclusion with which to kick off this rundown, Jose Padhila’s action flick is by no means terrible, just a messy, missed opportunity. Purportedly reshot when most of it was already in the can, and delayed so much that it soon vanished from the radar, add such marketing anonymity to a dumping ground February release date, and it’s staggering to think that this made close to a quarter of a billion “I’d buy that for a” dollars.

Why did so many people comply? It has to be down to the Robocop brand recognition, plus the unquenching appeal of nostalgia that has seen so many much cherished franchises resurrected Murphy style. The bloodless, demographic baiting rating will have also added a few million from the pocket-money of kids who are now able to watch the latest instalments of the once adult themed franchises such as Alien and Terminator. Integrity sacrificed for a quick dollar.

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