Will Batman Vs. Superman square off against a third Thor movie in 2016? The likelihood of that happening has now increased tenfold as Marvel have confirmed that comic book writer and current SVP of Production and Development at Marvel Studios Craig Kyle, will pen the screenplay for Thor 3 alongside longtime collaborator Christopher Yost.

“I am proud of Craig and have enjoyed working with him over these past years,” said Kevin Feige, Producer of Thor: The Dark World and Marvel Studios President in a statement released via “His creative instincts have helped shape ‘Thor’ and ‘Thor: The Dark World’ at every level of the filmmaking process. The entire team at Marvel is very happy to continue collaborating with Craig as he continues as a screenwriter working with Christopher on the forthcoming chapter of Thor’s adventure.”

Kyle recently served as Executive Producer on Thor: The Dark World, for which Yost also co-wrote the screenplay. The fact that a third instalment is moving ahead should really come as a surprise to nobody, especially as the sequel is Marvel Studios’ third highest grossing film behind The Avengers and Iron Man 3.

There’s obviously no word on the plot of the movie just yet, although HitFix claims to have some inside information. According to that site, “Age Of Ultron sets up a difficult situation for Thor as Midgard and Asgard find themselves looking at a possible war. Could we be looking at the beginning of Ragnarok, brought on by Loki in the guise of Odin? Could the third film find Thor having to fight against the realm that he’s spent so much time defending?”

That’s certainly an interesting bit of speculation, and comic book fans will know that Ragnarok would mean a truly epic outing for the God of Thunder’s next solo outing. To read more about that and other storylines we’d like to see in the next movie, be sure to click here.