24 hours may be a long time in the world of politics but in the life of Eric Packer it’s enough to get in all kinds of trouble, and we get a glimpse of just one of the odd stops on his way.

David Cronenberg is taking on Don DeLillo’s celebrated novella with Robert Pattinson leading a splendid cast which includes Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche and Kevin Durand. Filming is currently underway and fans of the man they call R-Patz are out in force in Toronto and they’ve captured some footage of the shoot, and provided us with a few choice shots of the leading man getting a pie in the face.

The film follows recently married billionaire Packer on a 24 hour journey in Manhattan fending off stalkers, riots and, at points, his new wife as his trip to get a haircut goes badly wrong.


Here’s the video, courtesy of Robert Pattinson News.

The on set pics follow.

The Playlist were the ones to point us to this Movieweb gallery, and good on them.