When you get invited for cocktails with a 6’4 Hawaiian actor/model, how can you possibly do anything except swoon and meep “yes, please!”

This is how, on the evening of 10th May I found myself clutching a glass of white wine and staring across the room as Conan the Barbarian aka Jason Momoa pushed a strand of his long curly hair out of his tanned face while every girl (and some of the guys) sighed in appreciation.

Not many actors are willing to donate hours of their time to talk to, arm wrestle, and have their picture taken with journalists. Jason Momoa, however, managed it with ease and a smile on his face, spending hours of his evening making an effort to talk to as many people as he could from the long line of people queuing up to find out about his upcoming film Conan the Barbarian, his work in Game of Thrones, and his workout routine.

Conan the Barbarian, distributed by Lionsgate Pictures, is set to be released on 24th August. The film intends to reboot and rebuild the 1980s franchise which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, and if anyone can fill his shoes, it certainly seems like Jason Momoa is the man to do that.

Check out our interview with Jason talking all things Conan here.

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