As you may recall, Warner Bros. unveiled a baffling deleted scene following the release of Batman v Superman featuring Lex Luthor contacting the villainous Steppenwolf. A character with close ties to Darkseid, we’ve since learned that he’ll be the big bad of Justice League as he sets out to acquire three powerful Mother Boxes which are hidden across the Earth.

With those in his possession, he can potentially take over the entire universe, and speculation has been running rampant for months now in regards to who will play him.

Well, we now know that it will be Game of Thrones alum Ciaran Hinds. The actor has comic book movie experience after appearing in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, but you’ll no doubt also recognise him from the Harry Potter franchise and last year’s Hitman movie.

The Wrap mentions that he’s already finished shooting the motion capture role and that Steppenwolf will have (thankfully) been given a makeover since we saw him in Batman v Superman. There’s no denying that he still seems like an odd choice of villain for Justice League, but chances are that he’ll end up just being a precursor to Darkseid’s arrival!

Regardless, this seems like a fitting casting decision and it should be fun seeing him go toe to toe with the team when Justice League finally reaches the big screen next November.