I’m not going to mess around with this for too long, but everyone’s up in arms about it, drooling over the new man of the moment (remember Sam Worthington? REMEMBER HIM?) Chris Pratt being sought by Disney for an Indiana Jones reboot.

The source everyone is spitting chickens about is Deadline, who may well be onto a winning thing here because who out there can’t see sense in Disney taking on one of the most iconic roles in modern cinema with the hottest man actor around? That raptor chase bit in the Jurassic World trailer – pure Indy – Swap Nazis for Brontosauri and we can all go home.

Chris PrattSo even though this is nothing more than a rumour, and potentially the juiciest piece of movie casting in ages but it is just a rumour. And it is almost certainly true – because as we said above – why WOULDN’T Disney want this? It’s money on a stick.

What no-one is asking is – Do we even NEED another Indiana Jones? Wasn’t Crystal Skull enough?

Our writer Barry Steele gave me the only reason to actually look forward to it, if it happened at all.