You may remember that Chris Pine was said to be in talks for the role of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman a little earlier this year, but other reports have recently indicated that that was all just a cover. According to those, the Star Trek actor was actually up for Green Lantern. It made sense seeing as Pine has long been a fan-favourite choice for the role too.

Well, that’s not happening as The Wrap reveals that he’s now closed a deal to play Trevor in Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Wonder Woman movie. He’s signed a multi-picture contract with sequel options (which pretty much come as standard these days), and that hopefully means he’s going to have a major role in the DC Cinematic Universe moving forwards.

In the comics, the character ends up serving as a government liaison to the Justice League.

The trade adds that as well as being the Amazonian Warrior’s love interest in this movie, he’ll also have plenty of action scenes. Little is known about the plot at this point so we can’t say how exactly Trevor will factor into Wonder Woman or any follow-ups as there have been conflicting reports about which era this movie (written by Jason Fuchs) is going to be set in.

Either way, this is a very impressive casting addition to the movie! Curious to know more about Wonder Woman? Well, be sure to take a look at our in-depth guide by clicking here.