Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl

Rush hits UK cinemas tomorrow and it’s a movie we’re very very excited about! The film tells the story about the rivalry between British F1 driver James Hunt and German driver Niki Lauda during the 1970s. Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth) was very much a ladies man and all about the glitz and glamour of the sport while German drive Lauda (played by ) was a straight down racer.

Our friend James Kleinmann got to chat with both the guys about taking on these iconic roles working with the Director Ron Howard and donning all of the 1970’s outfits. Chris talks about what it was like to play a man who was an out and out sportsman yet still wanted to live the life of a rock-star! We also find out what it was like for Daniel to spend time with Niki Lauda who still works for Mercedes in the current Formula One 2013 season. He goes on to talk about the hours of makeup and prosthetics he has to go through to achieve the look of Lauda after the huge fire that he was caught in which makes up the second half of the movie. Chris also talks about doing the research into James Hunt, talking to people who knew him and watching archive footage to get as much into the role as possible. Finally they talk about a hairy moment where Daniel was driving one of the vintage cars and a wheel actually came off the axle!

James also got to speak with Olivia Wilde, Niki Lauda, Alexandra Maria Lara and Director Ron Howard and Writer Peter Morgan all of which can be seen at the links. We got to talk to all of these guys all of which can be seen on our Rush page right here.

Rush is released in UK cinemas Friday 13th September.