and SuperHerohype have just posted their exclusive Comic Con gallery revealing images from the main floor of the greatest geek convention ever, Comic Con.

They have pictures of everything from the Amp Suit used in Avatar to the Green Lantern’s Lantern.  Additionally, they have displays highlighting video games like Spider-man: Shattered dimensions and a life size replica of He Man with his monstrous sword.  Not only that, but Marvel is also rebuilding Odin’s throne from Asgard which means people may have a chance to feel like a Norse God for 30 seconds (see below).  How cool is that?

As Comic Con gets underway expect a lot of cool news to be flowing out of San Diego and onto the HeyUGuys homepage.  I am guaranteeing that we will get to see some really cool pictures, like the ones Comingsoon has posted, in addition to crazy publicity stunts and panel footage.

Check out the images from the exclusive gallery here