There’s nothing like watching a couple of old school friends beating the hell out of each other to completely de-stress right? That’s exactly what you get in the trailer for Catfight when the claws come out and it’s all out war between these vixens until the roles are reversed and they go right back at it again.

Written and Directed by Turkish-American filmmaker Onur Tuke, who wrote and directed 2014’s vampire comedy Summer of Blood, brings his touch of black comedy to Catfight with an intriguing premise. Starring Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh (Sideways) and Seven Days Seven Nights and Donnie Brasco star Anne Heche, who go at it like Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno on a bad day. The ladies deliver a knockout punch in the trailer making this look like riotous and mindless fun.Catfight Poster

Providing some much-needed backup is Alicia Silverstone as Ashley’s lesbian love interest, and Dylan Baker playing an overworked coma doctor, Catfight turns the portrayal of women’s fights in movies on its head in the most violent of ways possible, landing a killer satirical blow at modern day society.

To accompany the trailer release we also have the poster which features the battered and bruised duo. If they are like this when they crossed we would hate to be their other halves during an argument.

Catfight Movie Trailer

Catfight Official Synopsis

Struggling artist Ashley (Anne Heche) and wealthy housewife Veronica (Sandra Oh) were friends at college, but their paths have not crossed since. When they find themselves attending the same event (Ashley working as a waiter at Veronica’s rich husband’s party), their initial thinly-veiled verbal pleasantries soon take a turn, leading to an all-out brawl and all-consuming rivalry that will keep these two locked in combat for years.

Catfight is released in cinemas and VOD 10th March 2017