101 Films have released the trailer for the heist action thriller starring John Travolta and Kristin Davis, ‘Cash Out.’

Criminal mastermind Mason (Travolta) is about to execute the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime job… but suffers a major blow when the hit goes wrong and he discovers the devasting truth about his lover and partner in crime Decker (Davis).

Devasted by the events, he leaves town and retires from his life of crime…. But when younger brother Shawn (Lukas Haas), decides to take on a major big bank job alone, he finds himself way out of his league and calls on the one person he knows can save him… big brother Mason, who has no choice but to come to the rescue.

With Interpol hot on their heels and before the SWAT team storms the bank, Mason must use every tool in his arsenal to escape with the prize and win back the love of his life. Can the shrewd crime boss outwit the authorities and Cash Out?

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The movie hits digital platforms on July 8th.