Captain Marvel is the 21st film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the more exciting fact is that it is the first Marvel film featuring a female superhero. It is hardly surprising that Disney released Captain Marvel in the United States on March the 8th to coincide with International Women’s Day. At the time of writing, the film has grossed over $790 million worldwide, making it the second highest-grossing film of 2019.

There is plenty of money to be made by both Marvel and third parties through massive franchise opportunities. Marvel Cinematic Universe is a franchise gold mine in any event. But Captain Marvel being the first female superhero will beyond doubt create enormous additional interest. Marvel superheroes have fans of all ages. They will see some or all of the following franchise opportunities bearing fruit through the course of the year.


#1 Online Video Slots

Branded video slots based on blockbuster movies are a big hit at online casinos. These are created by leading software providers under license from the copyright holders. There are already many free to play Marvel slots. Captain Marvel will make an excellent addition. Such a video slot will bring Marvel fans and online casino players on one platform to the benefit of both.

  • Captain Marvel will obviously be the main symbol. In such branded slots it is customary for the superhero to be the wild symbol or award the highest payouts or both.
  • The other high paying symbols could be the supporting characters from the film such as Nick Fury, Yon-Rogg, Maria Rambeau and Agent Coulson.
  • The win animations with these symbols could play clips from the movie.
  • Often the low paying symbols are playing card icons. But in a franchised video slot like Captain Marvel, thematic symbols would be more appropriate. Some suggestions are Captain Marvel’s photonic energy, Carol Danvers’ airplane, the Tesseract and the Marvel logo.
  • The theme of the brand is enhanced through bonus features. There could be a bonus game on the second screen in which Captain Marvel takes on the villains and players win bonus credits.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

#2 Video Games

Video games cater to a different section of Marvel fans. These players love the challenge of interacting with an electronic interface that tests their mechanical dexterity. Each game usually involves a number of similar challenges of increasing difficulty. The Marvel world is an ideal background for such action video games because they involve a conflict between the superhero and the villain. Players get a huge thrill in being the shoes of their favorite superhero and in proving that they are as good in saving the world.

Marvel Games already has a huge portfolio of video games that can be played on all platforms like Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation. Timed with the release of the movie, Captain Marvel featured in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, where she partnered with other superheroes. But with the resounding success of the Captain Marvel movie, the plucky lady deserves her own solo games.

  • A possible scene for a Captain Marvel video game is the climactic battle against the Krees.
  • In this battle Captain Marvel destroys ballistic missiles fired by Ronan, which can be created with great effect on the screen.
  • The removal of the Kree implant could be built in to enhance the powers of Captain Marvel.

captain marvel costume

#3 Captain Marvel Costume

A popular form of merchandising for Marvel has been full costumes of its superheroes. There are also t-shirts and other apparel, but these are not as exciting as full costumes. Though the Marvel superheroes till now have been males, franchisees have designed costumes for both genders. They will do the same for Captain Marvel. But girls will wear the Captain Marvel costume with more pride and this could create additional merchandising demand.

  • Actually, Captain Marvel’s costume is quite similar to that of Captain America’s. There is a potential for marketing these as twin costumes for couples.
  • One of Captain Marvel’s superpowers was the ability to absorb energy and transmit in photonic form. Contraptions could be built into the costume that simulates this. The entire suit could be lit up and light could be projected from the wrists.
  • Halloween is a time when even adults get into costumes for their parties. Captain Marvel could be a part of this. But the costume would have to be made a bit sexy so as to be in demand.

#4 Other Formats

Plots are now written specifically for Marvel Movies and not adapted from comic book versions of the story. These unique plots could be transferred to other entertainment formats. Some with the most potential are described below.

  • Stage: Creating the special effects on stage needed for a Marvel production is easily done with modern technology. Ghost the Musical is a classic example. Marvel’s own Spider-Man has appeared in a play called Turn Off the Dark. Captain Marvel could follow suit.
  • Comic Book: Reversing the process could be an interesting concept. An e-book version of Captain Marvel in comic book style could have franchising possibilities. If it succeeds then other superheroes could follow.

Captain Marvel Bag

#5 Children’s Merchandise

Miscellaneous items of children’s merchandising are individually not very costly, but as a group this is high volume business. After the movie Frozen, merchandise depicting its lead characters flooded stores around the world. The same could be repeated with Captain Marvel. Items could include:

  • School bags
  • Lunch boxes
  • Stationery
  • Key chains
  • Miniature figures

More value could be extracted from branded products like watches, belts and sneakers. The sky’s the limit.

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