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Captain America: Civil War is now in cinemas, and with an impressive haul of over $200 million at the international box office, Marvel’s best reviewed movie is off to a strong start.

While the quality of Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a good indication that Civil War has always been in good hands with Joe and Anthony Russo, throwing so many members of The Avengers into the next chapter of a franchise belonging to Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers was always something of a risk, so the fact that it’s paid off is yet another big win for the studio.

Looking over all of those heroes and villains though (both old and new) which of them stand out as the best? In all honesty, Captain America: Civil War doesn’t really have any weak links, but there’s no denying that some are better than others, and it’s those you’ll find here.

We’ve taken the ten main character who make the biggest impact in Marvel’s first Phase 3 movie and ranked them from best to worst, but be warned as MAJOR SPOILERS follow.

10. The Vision

The Vision

Joss Whedon did a lot of really cool things with The Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but as great as it was to see him lift Mjolnir, that pales in comparison to what the Russo Brothers deliver here.

They have a lot of fun showcasing the hero’s abilities, particularly in regards to changing his density, whether that’s stepping through a wall or solidifying himself while Hawkeye tries to punch him in the face or Giant-Man throws a bus at Black Panther.

Action aside though, and The Vision is taken on a really interesting journey in Captain America: Civil War both in regards to the source of his powers (one of the Infinity Stones) and his developing relationship with his fellow Avengers, particularly the Scarlet Witch.

Still on #TeamIronMan when all is said and done, what’s next for him should be fun to find out.

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