We’ve not seen much new artwork for Stone recently but the Turks have come to out rescue and brought us a new poster gives us a good look at the main cast.

Stone stars Edward Norton, Milla Jovovich and Robert De Niro and is directed by John Curran who previously worked with Norton on The Painted Veil.

Synopsis: Norton takes on the role of a ruthless convict who is desperately trying to gain parole. A convicted arsonist, he enlists the help of his beautiful wife, carried out by Jovovich, to manipulate his correction officer, portrayed by De Niro, and entrap the lawman in a series of deadly psychological games.

The US can expect to see the movie 8th October. I’ve not found a release date for it in the UK as yet.

FYI, Santaj means ‘Blackmail’. What would I do without Google Translator?!

Thanks to IMPA for posting.