The approach of a new series of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror is a little daunting. The near-future techno-dystopia series has been both compelling and ominously prophetic since the first episode which involved the British Prime Minister and a pig.

Porcine indiscretions aside the pulsing heart of Brooker’s  21st Century Twilight Zone is our relationship with technology. How society defines itself now that citizen infamy is big business, now that we allow others unprecedented access to our lives.

The third season of Black Mirror airs on Netflix on the 21st of October and we spoke to some of the cast of the new episodes. Those new and exclusive interviews are below, as are our interviews from the LFF premiere screening with Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones and the cast.

If you’re still not sated in your quest for miserablist speculation check out two new clips from the show which were released today.

Here are the interviews, conducted by Stefan Pape.