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Fantastic Four

Jessica Alba as The Invisible Woman

Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman, is one of the strongest and most independently minded female characters in comics today. Despite being introduced as The Invisible GIRL and the typical damsel in distress by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the years since have seen her subsequently portrayed as a strong mother figure and the most powerful member of the superhero team. Jessica Alba definitely comes to mind when you think of all that, right?

Wrong! Her Sue Storm was not only little more than eye candy, but also ridiculously hard to believe as remotely intelligent (despite being a scientist of some sort in this interpretation). While she was working with a terrible director and script, Alba was still an awful choice and comic fans have yet to see a decent take on this character and arguably the entire team.

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  • Kyle

    Hugh Jackman Wolverine? No?

  • billy

    “Financial success aside, Downey inhabits the character so well that he’s even affected how the comic book version of Stark is portrayed and it’s hard to imagine any other actor finding the same level of success and popularity in a superhero role. Robert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man.”

    Oh, you mean kind of like how Nick Fury is now black, and looks exactly like Samuel L Jackson in most of the Marvel Universe?

  • MrPokeyLope

    Too tall I guess 😛

  • Wrong

    That happened before he appeared in the films. The Ultimates did it.

  • Tiggo

    I was not shocked that Affleck did not receive an Oscar Nom for best Actor. Who was I ask you?!?! Argo was hyped way too much, decent Movie but not as great as many say it is IMO.
    And this list is not very good. Were is Hugh Jackman?

  • Adrian

    So, you list Ryan Reynolds as one of the worst casting decisions, then say that he was the best thing about Green Lantern?

  • Miguel Vilhena

    I may be jaded but I didn’t think Andrew Garfield was a great Spiderman.

  • Andrew Arnold

    The fact that Christopher Reeve was not included in the ‘best’ portion of the list automatically nullifies the whole list and puts the author, Josh Wilding at the top of the ‘worst’ list of authors of articles about superhero movie casting.

  • Blackbelt_Jones

    your not. Garfield came off as an annoying asswipe that you wanna punch in the face.And that is not spidey,spidey is funny not annoying. But if you have never seen garfield in interviews he is a douche.

  • Tane

    Can’t forget Vincent Chase as Aquaman.

  • Nick Fury is Samuel L Jackson

    Yeah, the Ultimate universe made Nick Fury like Sam Jackson, cause he’s such a badass. And then because Fury was based off of Jackson, they thought it would be cool to get the guy to play him in the movies.

  • Indianamcclain

    Michael Keaton as Batman for me.

  • frank the tank

    Ryan is a good actor for the role, the problem was the movie not the cast, and Hugh deserves to be on the best list too

  • Knurcus

    Wow, I cant believe Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach didn’t make this list. Even people who were against the whole watchmen movie thought that he was a perfect fit for the role!

  • Matt

    Just another typical idiot who knows nothing about the character.

    Please do some research before you start typing, it’ll do you some good in the long run.

    Spider-Man’s wise-cracks aren’t always meant to be ‘funny’, they’re meant to annoy the baddie he’s faced with to hide his fear.

    And you say Garfield’s a douche? Wow. He’s one of the most respectful and humble young actors that Hollywood has, you’re just blind man.

  • Mark_Black

    I don’t think Robert Downey should be a movie either. Being IN a movie is a different story.

  • Blackbelt_Jones

    Spidey’s wise cracks are meant to annoy the bad guy,not the audience member. Not surprising that you can’t tell the difference…….idiot.

  • Blackbelt_Jones

    Hal Jordan isn’t funny or smarmy. He’s basically with powers,a stoic military man that is a square jawed no nonsense patriot and protector of earth.Now if they were doing a GUY GARDNER Green Lantern Ryan would be perfect,cuz Guy Gardner is basically a more dickish version of Van Wilder,but Hal?NO he is no Hal Jordan. I think both the casting ,direction and script all failed in their own way.

  • Andrew Garfeild in the best category? Did you actually watch this new spider-man it and he was horrible! Pete was never a douchey skate rat punk!

  • Yeah um YOU may wanna do the research on that one, ewww wow he told like one joke! “Oh they finally got it right!” yeah like in the fact that there wasn’t much right about this turd.

  • emilmg

    i think andrew ggarfield is not suitable for spiderman,Tobey Maguire is much more suitable for the role,but i think this list forgot Hugh JAckman as the best as wolverine

  • Matt Bible

    Wow. No love for Christopher Reeve? Damn.

  • Tom

    Glad someone else thought Andrew Garfield was a cracking Spidey.

  • Rob Grizzly

    I thought Chris Evans’ Captain America was good, but I think he nailed the Human Torch even better. I agree with the Hit-Girl pick, but I’m surprised you would forget Ron Pearlman as Hellboy or Jackie Earl Haley in Watchmen as Rorshach, both of whom were more perfect for their roles than Christian Bale or Andrew Garfield.

    Not just looking at superheroes, but villains too, and comic book movies overall, mine looks like this:

    5. Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane
    4. Topher Grace as Venom.
    3. Halle Berry as Catwoman.
    2. Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl.
    1. Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze. Muscle man who can barely speak English? No. You as much a “scientist” 007’s Christmas Jones.

    5. Mickey Rourke as Marv (Sin City)
    4. Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man
    3. J.K. Simmons as J Jonah Jameson
    2. Wesley Snipes as Blade
    1. Patrick Stewart as Professor X. Literally the most perfect casting in a superhero movie ever.

  • KLH

    Just because he was the best thing about the movie doesn’t mean he was good.

  • macaro1

    christian bale was a good batman i will give him that but michael keaton is still the best batman. speaking of which, to all the haters on ben affleck being batman this same thing happen to michael keaton nobody thought he was a good choice and try to petition for him not to be batman but what happen, he proved everyone wrong. give ben affleck a chance.

  • lightningbarer

    What about Chris Reeves supes?

  • OrlandoMovieGuy

    Hit Girl? Seriously Hit Girl and you don’t have Christopher Reeve on this list? Apparently this person hasn’t watched a superhero movie outside of the past 5 years. Christopher Reeve is hands down one of the best casting choices of all-time. He embodied Superman and Clark Kent like no one before him or since. This list lost any credibility excluding this obvious choice.

  • Guest1282

    I was pissed when reading Jessica Alba’s name on the “bad” list, since she was the only thing remotely pleasing about the whole fantastic four franchise. Luckily for me, by leaving out Christpher Reeve you showed that you have no idea what you are talking about, which lets me happily ignore this article.

  • obloodyhell

    Hit Girl is more impressive than Reeve. Reeve is an adult, and you can expect adults to have a minimum of acting ability. Moretz was stealing scenes from Nicolas Cage, who certainly picks AWFUL roles on a regular basis but CAN act quite well. And she was freaking 11. She acts that well in a dramatic movie and she gets nominated for an Oscar.

    I concur with your argument for Reeve being on the list, but you need to be bumping someone else off — Chris Evans, perhaps (not to deny he did a very good job)… but he didn’t have people going “WHOA!” as Captain A.

  • obloodyhell

    Yeah, but Keaton could always act, he’d just never shown chops outside of a comedy. It suggested they were going to take a comic angle, which irritated real Batman fans — they did not take a comic angle, which is part of what made it so good.

    Affleck’s already BEEN in dramatic roles, and, while competent, that’s all he is. He’s NOT the kind of rock solid anchor his cohort Matt Damon has been across the board. He’s been a pretty boy and not a lot more. I don’t hate him, I just think he’s not good for Batman. Clooney was a better choice. And you’ll note which half of the list Clooney is on.

    So Affleck is certainly a highly questionable choice — someone decided it was more important to put a big-name actor in there than someone with the kind of chops to pull off the role. I ack that he may surprise, but it’ll be a BIG surprise. I’d MUCH rather they fired whatever idiot chose Affleck and restarted from scratch.

  • obloodyhell

    Marv is a comic book character but not a superhero. Why add an apple in the middle of oranges? You could have added Christopher Reeve to your list easily. And, while I agree Simmons did a great Jameson, we can take him off and add Moretz as Hit Girl. Then take off Bosworth and put on Green Lantern. I don’t think he was that bad but the choice of him showed that they really didn’t Get the character, and that’s why the movie did poorly.

    Now your list becomes a barrel of super characters instead of comic characters.

  • obloodyhell

    Agreed. I was really sold on him when he’s in Lois’ apartment and he straightens up into Superman while she’s getting dressed, then shrinks back down into Clark Kent as she comes out. GREAT scene, and it showed so perfectly the difference between the two.

  • obloodyhell

    I will give Garfield another movie. I think that the list does make one distinction that Raimi missed, and that was that MacGuire’s Spidey is just too earnest, too serious. Yeah, Spidey is a tragic hero, in that crap keeps screwing him over, but he deals with it by deflecting it as a wiseass. He’s the kind of guy that would get back at J. Jonah Jameson by rigging some elaborate web-trap in his office that would trigger, catch one person, trigger, catch another person, again and again as Jameson ordered his staff to get something he wanted, until Jameson stomped in there in frustration yelling at them all for being incompetent and trapped himself, too. Then he’d be stuck on the wall for two hours until the webbing dissolved, looking like the arrogant jackass he is.

    I will note that one thing that the latest movie also did better was the fight choreography — no doubt because of advances in effects, Spidey’s fighting style was much more fluid and dynamic and befitting the character — noted example in one fight, he shoots a web through the Lizard’s legs and pulls himself through too fast to be stopped, then crawls around on his back, very spiderish. It made me realize how that was missing or much weaker from the Raimi films.

  • obloodyhell

    It’s called a reboot. Spidey was also never an insecure, overly intense nebbish. He was a highly intelligent wise-ass, and that never came through in Raimi’s films. Yes, Parker was different somewhat, he definitely changed when he put on the costume, but that was something Raimi did not capture.

    Garfield is a DIFFERENT Spiderman, just as Bale was a DIFFERENT Batman. And just as Henry Cavill is a different Superman. Praise for one need not denigrate the other.

  • obloodyhell

    The movie sucked too much for him to shine, though.

    It was actually not a bad adaptation, but too late — the times have passed it by, most people today don’t feel — or remember — the generalized dread of nuclear war that hung over everyone’s head in the early 80s. As such, the entire motivation for so many characters is lost or not readily understood.

  • obloodyhell

    Hal never came off as a “military” man. He came off as a rather jocular, easy going test pilot who didn’t fear death.

    But yeah, Ryan possibly would have made a better Guy Gardner.

    The real problem with the movie is that they took the best, coolest damned weapons system ever imagined and made it look boring.

    The success of Ironman was that, leaving that movie, I WANTED THAT SUIT! And I wasn’t even a big fan of Ironman.

    How many people left GL thinking “I WANT THAT RING!”?

    Right. No one. And I’m saying that as someone who’s been a big fan of doing a GL movie for a long time, knowing that the FX weren’t up to it. They were, finally, but the director(s) and FX people weren’t. They made the ring look humdrum.

    The script failed as so many do — WhyTF is it that so many directors and screen writers seem to think that the only way to do a superhero movie is to fill it with multiple villains? I grasp this makes it easier to fill with action, but that’s just lazy and it makes the movie’s COHERENCE suck. It’s the kind of thing that turns drama to melodrama, to soap operatic schlock.

    Does James Bond need to fight three villains? Does Jack McClain have to fight three SEPARATE villains, each with their own goal? Or is there just ONE villain with ONE plot to defeat?

    So I ask again — WHY does Batman have to fight The Joker, Scarecrow, AND Two Face in the same @#$@#%@% movie?

    The Joker is a freaking big enough character in himself to take on The Batman without adding in extra villains. It’s just LAZY WRITING to make it more complex and less coherent by adding in other villains with other goals.

  • obloodyhell

    }}} spidey is funny not annoying.

    Until you cross him and that wise-ass kicks in.

    THEN you punch him in the face and get your fist stuck to him like Tar Baby.

  • obloodyhell

    As is noted above, though, the comics were riffing off Jackson’s movie characterizations himself, so it’s a matter of life imitating art imitating life.

  • obloodyhell

    Christopher Reeve is taller. And @6’4″ he was the tallest of all the guys who have played Superman in the films and TV. 😀

  • Yeah well garfield didn’t do it either! At least Ramis films were entertaining and not just some boring pile of rubbish, and judging by what these morons are doing in the next one, it’s only gonna get worse. Sony needs to let the rights revert back to marvel.
    By the way he was only ever a smart ass when he was spider-man not peter parker and he was insecure as hell!

  • Sean

    Why is Andrew Garfield in the best section? He’s the exact opposite of Spider-Man and Peter Parker and did a terrible job at reviving the character.

  • Bob Parr

    Totally disagree. Garfield played Peter Parker as a believable high school kid. McGuire was faithful to the comic book but that Peter Parker was a stereotypical nerd without any depth.

  • Bob Parr

    What made Christopher Reeve’s performance so brilliant was his Clark Kent. His Superman/Clark Kent characters were so vastly different it was believable that people couldn’t figure out the secret identity.

  • Bob Parr

    So you wanted another nerd with glasses tripping over his own feet? Garfield’s take on Peter Parker as a high school loner was so much more realistic.than a hopeless nerd.

  • Bob Parr

    I think Brandon Routh was the same height.

  • realistic for skaterats maybe! A hopeless nerd is who Peter Parker is.

  • zgbreen

    Superman isn’t listed as 5’6″ in the comics though

  • Music for Kids

    Read the original lee/ditko run, peter parker started as a jerk, the kind of guy more likely to become a super-villain, that he had to learn how to act like a hero was part of what made the run so ground-breaking

  • Music for Kids

    Read the original lee/ditko run, peter parker started as a jerk, the kind of guy more likely to become a super-villain, that he had to learn how to act like a hero was part of what made the run so ground-breaking

  • ohminus

    With Keaton, the studio did the right thing and as soon as possible released a scene showing that he CAN pull off Batman.

    And I agree that he was much better than Bale. Bale was always Bruce Wayne in a suit. The SUIT was imposing, Bale – not so. He did not manage the balance between the two sides well, in my eyes. While of course he was born as Bruce Wayne, the Bruce Wayne identity – and he says so himself, and Rachel calls him on it – is a cover for whom he really is. He IS Batman, and it’s Bruce Wayne that’s the disguise.

    One of the worst offenses of DKR was their efforts to prove Rachel wrong on this… “Hey, see, he CAN take off the suit and retire”… The suit isn’t Batman. HE is Batman.

  • Gene Peterson

    Co-sign!! How did they manage to mess up a character who has hardly EVER had a bad version? I’m not supposed to wish that the car thief pops spidey upside his head but that’s what ended up happening. And Spidey was only annoying in the comics for the split second that he let the burglar that killed uncle ben slip past him.

  • Gene Peterson

    Co-sign!! How did they manage to mess up a character who has hardly EVER had a bad version? I’m not supposed to wish that the car thief pops spidey upside his head but that’s what ended up happening. And Spidey was only annoying in the comics for the split second that he let the burglar that killed uncle ben slip past him.

  • Gene Peterson

    Good point. If you want a loner skate punk super hero who looks nothing like the kid anyone would bully then make up your own NEW superhero. Spidey was a SHY nerd. Write THAT better and updated or don’t write at all

  • Connor

    Alba worst casting in Fantastic 4. You keep mixing up bad casting with bad writing (something you almost acknowledged with Reynolds in Lantern)
    Alba acted out the role she was given brilliantly and yes she was capable of becoming stronger and more maternal but perhaps that was intended as a character arc over further films that never emerged. If you want bad *casting* in those films look at Gruffod, McMahon, or Chikilis none of whom fully commit to the characters they are playing and come across more as Pantomime performers than Hollywood actors in a blockbuster. You do fortunately get it right on Evans who is the only actor better cast than Alba.

  • Wrong

    Dude, Jessica Alba wasn’t that bad as Invisible Woman.

  • lere

    No Chris Reeve as Superman? Really?! #fail

  • areyoureallyserious

    I think the only “bad” choices on the list are Jessica Alba (who I think it TERRIBLE) and Nick Cage. The rest were either saddled with bad scripts, awful directors or (in the case of the Green Lantern flick) just movies the public hated. The actors themselves were good, but the material let them down. And yeah, Hugh Jackman is perfect for Wolverine. I’d actually argue that Edward Norton should be on the list for his Hulk movie and Michael Chiklis should be on the best side for his Thing portrayal.

  • areyoureallyserious

    I don’t see why people have such a problem with Watchmen. I mean, it’s in a lot of cases almost a frame by frame reconstruction of the comic. EVERY performance captured the feeling that Alan Moore put on paper. Maybe because I read the story as an adult and didn’t have a lot of baggage going into the film from a 20 year old story I don’t have the level of hate for the film, but I thought it was fantastic.

  • areyoureallyserious

    The change in Fury’s appearance happened before production of the film if I’m not mistaken. But you could have just asked them to recast David Hasselhoff. Jackson KILLS it as Nick Fury. That’s all that SHOULD matter!

  • areyoureallyserious

    Do you mean because she’s pretty or her performance. The Thing is the only PERFORMANCE in those movies of any actual acclaim. Watch them again with someone who knows nothing about the Fantastic Four. The other three are at best average.

  • Mike

    Patrick Stuart as Professor X? Come the frig on!?

  • anon

    Wow you got, maybe, one of these right.

  • Rachel

    Brandon Routh is 6′ 2½” so not much shorter than Christopher Reeve.

  • supersqueak .

    I cannot believe there are people who like Andrew Garfield as Spider-man.

  • nycgirl

    “Not just looking at superheroes, but villains too, and comic book movies overall…”

    He established that this was a list of comic book movie characters.

  • MutinyofSense

    My favorite casting choices for super heroes, Chris Reeves – Superman, Micheal Keaton – Batman, Patrick Stewart – Professor X, Hugh Jackman – Wolverine, All of the Avengers, and Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

  • MutinyofSense

    With honorable mention to Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno in The Incredible Hulk

  • wwsd

    I concur

  • Smart Ninja

    Andrew Garfield over Christopher Reeve as Superman or Keaton as Batman? What age are you? 12? Garfield was average at best. Let’s hope he improves. No Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach? No Hugh Jackman love? NO BRANDON LEE AS THE CROW???!!! This list is CRAP!

  • Charlie

    How do you have a list of the supposed worst superhero castings and NOT include Seth Rogan as the Green Hornet. If they don’t reboot that and do it right, I’m going to be SO pissed.

  • LAB

    They could have thrown Hit Girl off the list (that second film was HORRIBLE) and added Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. That guy was the best thing about the Thor franchise. I also remember Jackie Earle Haley’s Rorschach in Watchmen.

  • Kevin Conroy will always be the best Batman. When I watch Christian Bale, I think, “wow, Christian Bale is a really great actor.” When I listen to Kevin Conroy, I think, “wow, Batman.”

  • Mike

    I think Ryan would have made a better flash then green lantern. I afhink they should have left Chris Evans as the human torch and searched more because to me it just makes marvel look unorganized. They should make a list of who should be in the roles of the superheros to get the voices heard there

  • Joe

    Crappy highly subjective evaluations as usual.

  • kal

    It was a superb adaptation and the ending was far better than the one in the comic. One of the best comic book films ever.

  • Howard

    Disagree. Clooney was a good choice, but he had such a bad script and direction that it’s tough to tell. I’d have put Jennifer Garner as Elektra. I like her, but she was a horrible choice.

  • Steve-O

    What does CR that have to do with Wolverine? In the comics Wolverine is well under 6 feet tall.

  • Steve-O

    You must not know comics…or read the Ultimates. Fury was black before the Ultimates Series came out. They already had a “personality” for the character and later got permission from SLJ to use his likeness. Which makes it funny during a conversation between the team when they discuss who should play them in a movie and Fury says SLJ.

  • Steve-O

    You should watch the Honest Trailer for Amazing Spider-Man…lol

  • Daniel

    Christopher Reeves as Superman. So far all the reboots they have tried on that franchise have failed because no-one can fill his shoes in the role. The latest one was not bad, good acting and impressive action and visuals but the charisma simply is not there. My top pick would definatelly have been Christopher. I do agree with the picks in that list though, especially Robert Downey Jr.

  • JimMcKee

    Clooney still wasn’t nearly as wrong as Kilmer.

  • JimMcKee

    Agree for the most part, but all the blame is not on Rogen’s acting. The writing choice to make Britt Reid/Green Hornet a goof ball was HORRIBLE. That movie was a parody, not a serious attempt at portraying the Green Hornet.

  • lol @ Andrew Garfield. I am loyal to all things Spider-Man but he’s been in just 1 of a potential 3+ so far. i loved Tobey Maguire’s version to no end, thought it was perfect and supported by excellent writing and directing even with SONY pretty much taking control from Sam Raimi in Spidy 3

  • theWIZ

    Spot on!!!

  • CDS

    He should definitely have been on the list. I mean who else can you imagine as Wolverine? Nobody. That’s why he got to play wolverine in a major role 6 times now. Isn’t that something of a record in the super hero genre of movies?

  • JDH

    I didn’t mind Halle Berry as Catwoman had the movie not been so blasphemous. I do, however, mind Halle Berry as Storm in a world where Angela Bassett exists.

  • Simon Is

    Green Lantern was a victim of a bunch of producers who overthought things and a hamfisted script, that delivered ‘payoff’ before ‘setup’ the entire way through. It had good actors, a good director, but they were all corralled by a paranoid machine behind them.

  • DaveGinOly

    When RDJr was named as “Iron Man,” I thought “Perfect.” He has not disappointed (although IM 3 was awful).

  • Michael Salt Thompkins

    Being cast in 6 bad to mediocre movies isn’t a good thing

  • Curtis Lusk

    He missed the worst 5 for sure the movie isn’t even made yet, the FF and the Dr. Doom for the same movie. Plus Garfield was a horrible spiderman and Keaton was a better batman in a movie that had a better Joker.

  • Curtis Lusk

    I hated that movie and every thing about it .

  • Curtis Lusk

    I mean really he was in the Best 2 superman movies and of course the worst two as well but he was good as superman in all of them

  • Curtis Lusk

    The only thing Garfield is believable as is a idiot that doesn’t really know the character he is playing

  • Curtis Lusk

    Me either sadly smoking meth is just to common.

  • Curtis Lusk

    she was a better choice than any in the next FF movie

  • Curtis Lusk

    the ultimate universe Fury is black but non of the FF and Jackson is a good actor unlike any the have chosen for the new FF movie.

  • user

    hey, yall are wrong, alba was the only saving grace for those fantastic 4 movies

  • Chris

    Patrick Stewart as Professor X needs to be on the Best list

  • Lina

    I can never see anyone else portray Iron Man or Wolverine other than RDJ and Hugh Jackman.

  • 1232233

    Yeah, Kevin Conroy really looks the part and is great in doing his own stunts.

  • Basileus

    You’re not jaded, you just haven’t a clue about acting. Nor has the feller below this

  • Patrick Longworth

    I disagree that the times have passed it by; your argument, bad as it is, might then be used on Cap during WW2. Good writing and acting can make almost any era come alive. Captain America and Watchmen are examples of eras being brought to life.

  • Miguel Vilhena

    Then thanks for your enlightening opinion unknown person in the internet.

  • nmgene

    Jesica Alba has never done a bad movie and she is definatly eye candy.

  • nmgene

    nicolous Cage has never done a bad movie either. He has had bad scripts and directors but always becomes the part he is playing

  • nmgene

    Who the heck is doing the ratings, they are lost as to which movies were good and which were bad. But this is typical of AOL

  • @mandraquex3000

    Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man… NO! Andrew Garfield as Arrogant Asshole Man…Yes!

  • @mandraquex3000

    Irreverant “humor” seems to be the norm among the populous now. It used to be interesting when only a few characters, and generally side characters, guest characters, or boarderline anti hero characters (ala comicbook version of Deadpool. I will never forget a line of Deadpool’s when he is about to go into battle – “Now, let’s unalive these guys.”) rather than the main characters. But as I said, that seems to be the norm now and it is just annoying rather than entertaining.

  • Bruno Zawacki

    Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm.

  • Michael Harrison

    Sorry but Garfield is an awful Spiderman and a worse Peter Parker. You can tell this is written by someone from the UK. Tobie was nothing spectacular either but he looked the part of Peter Parker and played better than this kid. Yeah, it must have been tough for this “good looking” Peter Parker to have friends in school. Give me a break!

  • Michael Harrison

    And about Bale as Batman, give me Michael Keaton anyday. Bale was an awful Bruce Wayne as well. Bale just got lucky because of an amazing cast around him. Thanks to Bale’s Batman, I am almost looking forward to Ben’s take on it.

  • Cullen

    Agree with all except Andrew Garfield. Tobey will always be the real Spidey.


    Keaton was the better batman on the batman voice alone. Ed Norton Jr should have atleast gotten honorable mention for bruce banner. Kelsey Grammer as Beast was a good casting too. the two good notes that came out of green lantern…Mark Strong as Sinestro and Michael Clark Duncan as the voice to Killawog was spot on given the horrible script.
    worst casting should have had jesse eisenberg as the new (YOUNGER) lex luthor. Gal Cadot as wonder woman (she needs alotta sandwichs) and the Muppet baby version of the rebooted fantastic four!!! Topher grace as eddie brock/venom also. ben Affleck as daradevil/matt murdock. all bad.

  • Antony Clements

    Spiderman is EASILY the most over-rated character in the ENTIRE Marvel Universe. Period.

  • Clark Kent

    Uhm it’s now June 3 2014 Amazing Spiderman 2 has been out for over a month now and is far worse than Spiderman 3 and even in AMZ1 Garfield was not better than Tobey

  • Clark Kent

    I always Say if you’re doing a real world Batman you’ve got to do Something like the Bale voice (particularly in Batman Begins because it wasn’t dubbed over like in The Dark Knight) because as a actual criminal hearing that voice from behind would probably make you Shit yourself

  • Paladin13

    Christopher Reeve as Superman. He is Superman. When I watch Superman Returns and Man of Steele, I see the actors as stand-ins only. Reeve owns the role. Forever.

  • lolman33

    Michael Keaton as Batman? Hugh Jackman? Robert Downey Jr.?

  • Richie

    @lolman33 Dude, robert downey is here but christoper reeves isn’t. This list sucks.

  • Tinwoods

    I thought he was way better than that sniveling Toby.

  • Tinwoods

    I miss the down vote. You’d get a lot of ’em.

  • Tinwoods

    Moronic argument. Thank you for your contribution.

  • Harrison Hume

    Ehh, I’m halvsies. I think Andrew Garfield played a better (by a small margin) Spiderman but Tobey takes the cake as Peter.

  • Kerry

    Let’s see I love Spidermn comic book but the new cst except for Emaa stone who is now ded is week t best. no offense garfield is not too bad but the proof is in th pudding and compared to the first three Spierman movies these are tanking bad. Spiderman 2 if so good should be at least 350 million in US and can’t hit 200 million pathetic

  • Carlos Benzan

    ramis films were so cheesy i almost had an aneurysm due to eyerolling…

  • Carlos Benzan

    peter stopped being a hopeless nerd the moment he realized he had powers and became a man when uncle ben died

  • Aaron O’neil

    This list was made last year you idiot. The second movie hadn’t even come out.

  • Sebastian Hiesne

    He’s the absolute default personification of Superman !

  • Sebastian Hiesne

    maybe the movies weren’t that good but the choice of him being Superman is perfect ! he was the perfect choice

  • Sebastian Hiesne

    he was

  • Niko

    Actually in the ultimate universe wolverine is 6’1″ Marvel movies borrow a lot from that universe. Look at Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. The Manderine in Iron Man 3. the list goes on….

  • Stooball

    I wasn’t a fan of Andrew Garfield either. He actually seemed too hip to me

  • Stooball

    I agree, this is a better list. I think they were just going for ‘what’s hot in Hollywood’ as articles like this tend to do. I remember watching an MTV special for the first Sam Raimi Spider-man movie, and they had a fake poll about ‘Best’ villains, comic couples etc.

    Of course, each poll had a Spider-man movie character as the winner.

  • Cetswayo Dawson

    Sorry Tobey Maguire was an awful Spider Man. Hated every minute of it. The guy who should have played him years ago was Josh Hartnet

  • Cetswayo Dawson

    Yeah, I don’t really like it either.

  • Cetswayo Dawson

    Bale has by far been the best Batman

  • Cetswayo Dawson

    And you guys have talked best, but nobody has mentioned Heath Ledger playing the Joker. He killed it!!! No one will ever match that performance.

  • Cetswayo Dawson

    Very hard to imagine anyone else as Iron Man.

  • Mannyfresh

    Nah don’t like the new hipster spiderman

  • J. Audobon Woodlore

    I never noticed if Jessica Alba was not acting well because I could not take my eyes off her amazing ( o Y o )

  • Brent

    Saw the first Spidey movie Garfield was in. Won’t see another Maguire was way better. Sorry.

  • Cthulhu

    Why is Jack’s Joker not on here?

  • Indiana Bones

    No Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? Your logic is flawed!

  • Indiana Bones

    JJJ is not a superhero

  • Lol My post was 9 months ago…ya idiot!

  • marvelmaster

    HEY GUYS! RYAN REYNOLDS SHOULD BE PUT TO DEATH AFTER THAT GREEN LANTERN’S MOVIE!! ….Also I desagree the best Spiderman is Tobey Mcguire not this new kid nobody wants….

  • TBH

    This is really st****, Christian bale is the worst actor to ever play batman
    1) he has an annoying throat cancer voice
    2) he has a deformed head (like an apple head chihuahua)
    3) he couldn’t fight, there were no good fight scenes
    4) on dark knight rises, there wasn’t even a batman because he got his ass kicked and just stood crying in his hole. The movie was better off not even being called batman
    5) he couldn’t be taken seriously because he looked dumb (that should explain why all the spoofs of batman are based on his deformed character

  • TBH

    Also, the green lantern movie was cool. Most people were tricked by the ill*****ti because they decided to go loud on a bias opinion that wasn’t even true. The green lantern movie had a message behind it that no matter through fear or danger, a persons willpower and belief in themselves can overcome anything even the worst of evil.

    Psychological reason people “didn’t like it”
    People these days are afraid to take a stand against the majority’s negative opinions, with people tricked by such a false bias opinion with a lot of negativity, they start to believe it and it takes away a persons freedom to actually give their own opinion. If a person like that watches the video then they enter a blind state where they have to hate it because people say it’s bad and the people are to busy thinking the movie is bad or retarded. The only way to break past that is to realize you’re doing it and give the movie a chance while denying the hatred of it and give it a shot with your own opinion.

  • I’m not okay with this list

    You lost me at Andrew Garfield being a good Peter Parker. Also in that same part you said Toby Maguire did a good job as well. Whoever wrote this obviously doesn’t read many Spiderman comics.

  • Li

    Best: Brandon Lee as Eric Draven. Period.
    Worst: I’d add Anna Paquin as Rogue to the list.

  • 22

    Best 5 Good Guys

    5. Evans as Cap
    4. Stewart as Xavier
    3. Downey Jr as Stark
    2. Urban as Dredd
    1. Perlman as Hellboy

    Best 5 Bad Guys

    5. Wincott as Top Dollar
    4. Molina as Doc Ock
    3. Stamp as Zod
    2. Hiddleston as Loki
    1. Ledger as Joker

  • A_Fan

    Other than Robert Downey Jr and Christian Bale I can’t really say I agree with his BEST list. I DETEST Andrew Garfield as Spidey! and I definitely do not think Chris Evans does Cap justice, from an acting point he’s not doing a horrible job, but physically he’s nowhere near where he should be.


    What about Ron Perlman as Hellboy?

  • chhhelmet

    for one of the worst: they should put anna paquin for rogue, and stick the writer who thought of making rogue like that. The X-men movies ruined rogue more than any comic movie for any character.

  • Irish Skye

    I have to disagree with Clooney being on the Worst list, but let me qualify that. While I do not think it was bad *casting*, I have to say the material he was given and the direction that Shumacher took him in was horrendous. I could not get all the way through this movie the first time I saw it, but I watched it more recently by fast-forwarding through all the villain stuff (btw, do you guys realize that the villains in that one got WAY more screen time than the heroes??) and JUST viewing the scenes with Clooney to see if he really was as bad as we all thought. And I have to tell you that with the right script, he could have pulled it off at least as well as Keaton did.
    I saw hints that he would have been a GREAT Bruce Wayne, the type of Bruce that “Batman: The Animated Series” was giving us–slightly socially awkward and shy with the press, not really giving the girl on his arm too much attention so she would not get too attached and start hoping for a deeper relationship. The scenes with just him and Alfred together were good, very touching. The script was still lacking the emotional depth it really needed between these characters, but it was still passable. Clooney’s dialogue as Batman was HORRIBLE, however, and I defy the greatest actor in the world to have made those lines in the least bit plausible for that character.
    Seriously, watch it again and JUST watch his scenes as Bruce, compared to those of Keaton and Kilmer, and I think you will see it was not a bad casting decision. This is a man who can REALLY act. Unfortunately, that was a movie that no actor could make “good.” Shumacher was doing an homage to the 60’s version of Batman (notice that all the villain scenes are shot on an angle, never with the camera frame parallel to the floor) and it seems like Shumacher wanted nothing less than a totally cheesy Adam West-esque performance for Batman.

  • That Yellow Bastard

    Christian Bale is a great actor but his version of Batman didn’t fhe character. Batman is Batman and will be until the day he dies, Bales Batman couldn’t get out of the job fast enough.

    Evans was great in The First Avenger, but a total bore in Avengers.

  • That Yellow Bastard


  • That Yellow Bastard

    Andrew does do a great Ultimate a Peter Parker. Ptolemy did a great 60s style Peter Parker

  • That Yellow Bastard

    Good list, though I’d replace Loki with either Magneto personally

  • KC

    I absolutely love that Chloe Grace Moretz as Hit-Girl was included on this list. She was amazing. I personally think that Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker/Spidey was charming, funny, and quite enjoyable. Maybe he was too “hip” to be Peter, but he was definitely awkward and shy in the film as well. He really looked the part, much more than Tobey Maguire, I think. Bale’s Bruce Wayne/Batman was brilliant, and I thought his voice he used made sense, I did not find it at all ridiculous. Not all of the X-Men movies were great, but Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was always a bright spot. That is all.

  • Svenghooli


  • Daniel

    The absence of Hugh Jackman on the list of BEST is absolutely insane.

  • Matty

    i swear to god if they make mark wahlberg the new iron man i will never watch a marvel movie again…

  • Aaron O’neil

    You’re still just being an annoying hater. The movies themselves where definitely better before, but Parker was nothing but a whiny little idiot who had no clue, and he never used his scientific knowledge. The new one if inferior story-wise, but Peter himself is much more believable as ateenager, actually uses his brains (like making the web shooters (such a cop-out in the origionals)) and made a way better Spider-man. The bad is definitely there, but if you can’t see the good as well, people are going to ignore you or get irritated. You’re entitled to your opinions, just don’t fling pointless rage at everyone, even if you sort of know what you’re talking about.

  • seventhson74

    Heath Ledger didn’t make the list of good portrayals? Seriously?

  • david95

    Catwoman bad? I don’t know really, I lost interest in the plot once I saw Halle Berry in that outfit. She could have just jumped around in front of the camera for an hour and I would have been satisfied.

    What was the plot again?

  • Jeff Johnson

    Completely agree with Chris Evans as CA. Completely disagree with Bale as Batman. I think the writer has trouble differentiating casting choice from movie quality.

  • Leanne Racine Martin

    Patrick Stewart as Professor X and Hugh Jackman as wolverine should be in the top 3!

  • FromTokyo

    I had no interest in, and actually no knowledge of, Hellboy before the first film, but catching part of the first film oneday and seeing Ron Perlman and what he did with the role, I became interested in it. Both Hellboy films are some of my favorite comic book films.
    For the “Best” list, I would also include Christopher Reeve as Superman, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Professor X, Michael Keaton as Batman, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, to name a few.

  • FromTokyo

    I’m not afraid to take a stand against the majority’s negative or positive opinions. Frankly, for me, The Avengers is boring (despite liking Cap and Iron Man) but Watchmen is awesome.

  • FromTokyo

    My “Best” list: Ron Perlman as Hellboy, Heath Ledger as the Joker, Christopher Reeve as Superman, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Professor X, Michael Keaton as Batman, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach, Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, and Kelsey Grammer as Beast. I resented them rebooting Spider-Man so soon, but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (didn’t see the first one) made me see that Andrew Garfield is a better Spider-Man, if not a better Peter Parker. I also much preferred Edward Norton as The Incredible Hulk.

    One of my “Worst” is Anna Paquin as Rogue (altogether wrong). Also, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique (wtf?!), January Jones as Emma Frost , Taylor Kitsch as Gambit (!!!!!)

  • John Adcox

    No Christopher Reeve? You need to start over from scratch.

  • jimv1983

    Chris Evans is on the good list? That is insane. And how did George Clooney make the worst list for his Batman but Michael Keaton didn’t?

  • Eric Böhringer

    Ultimate X-Men didn’t start up until after the first X-Men movie, tho…

  • Eric Böhringer

    Mediocre list. Wolverine is the most pitch perfect casting this side of Iron Man, height aside, and I say that as a die-hard Batman fan and believer of Christian Bale as the one true Bat. In fact, I wouldn’t even have Bale on the list, because while I think he does the best with the role of all those who played Batman, I think Val Kilmer did a decent enough job as well. But could somebody else take over the Batman role and do a really great job, too? Yes, no doubt it, I could see Affleck doing really good.

    But Wolverine? Iron Man? Those are PERFECT casting because they ARE the character, whether because they’ve played them so many times, because no one ELSE has really played them, or because they just embody the character so well, it doesn’t matter. That’s them now. It’s difficult picturing someone else doing Wolverine or Tony Stark, at this point. And honestly, it’s something I don’t want to see. Let Jackman and Downey play them until they drop dead and then retire the character from the cinematic universe.

    Hit Girl? Pfft, whatever. She was decent, but any 11 year old little girl with a foul mouth and some acting talent could have done the role. She’s replaceable.

    And Captain America? Again, Evans is decent, but replaceable. I could see Channing Tatum in the role, John Cena in the role, anyone really. And Cap can always be Bucky or Falcon, too, so he’s replaceable in another regard.

    Andrew Garfield? Ehhhh, I dunno. Lightyears ahead of Toby, of course. I guess I just wasn’t really paying attention during that movie or something. Lizard is not my favorite Spidey villain, so maybe I dozed off, and I haven’t seen 2 yet so I can’t comment. Could be he belongs on the list.

    I’d say:

    5) Nick Fury – Samuel L. Jackson
    4) Human Torch – Chris Evans
    3) Professor X – Patrick Stewart
    2) Tony Stark – Robert Downey Jr.
    1) Wolverine – Hugh Jackman

    As far as best casting overall for comic book movies in general?

    5) Tony Stark – Robert Downey Jr.
    4) Hellboy – Ron Pearlman
    3) Wolverine – Hugh Jackman
    2) Rorschach – Jackie Earle Haley
    1) The Joker – Heath Ledger

  • Joel0903

    Aww, come on, we have to give HB some bonus points for her Razzie Acceptance Speech. It’s truly great.

  • bruce

    I thought Hugh Jackman did a pretty good job as wolverine

  • Pat

    Wow…Do I see this right?!? Garfield was voted as the best cast?!?… And there was a discusion about that???… Hell there should not be any discussion! He IS, WAS and WILL ALWAYS BE the WORST cast-decission ever!!!… I evan can not cal him an actor!… I mean, we talk about an idiot, who prepared himself for the role of Spidy by getting inspired by Charly Chaplin and Roadrunner!!!… HALLOOO?!? Roadrunner???… He said, he had never even read even one Spidy-Comicbook!

  • Roxy

    Best – Chris Hemsworth as Thor?

  • meutianissa

    cooollllllllllll fotos

  • Carlos Benzan

    wrongo!….he is 5’10 in the ultimate universe…they explained that they wanted his s height between the movie and comic version

  • DavidWilmotLow

    yes, all the blame IS on Seth, because HE WROTE THE SCRIPT!

  • Imaad Shahrukh

    Christopher Reeve as Superman and Michael Keaton as Batman are good choices for best superhero portrayals.

  • AyeAye

    I’ll only list the superheroes and not super villains.

    1. Johnny in the recent FF movie (can’t be bothered about remembering the actor’s name). Nonsensical casting. Human Torch is White, not black. Now stop changing the race of superheroes please, it’s annoying af. Saying as an avid comic reader.
    2. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Behavior wise OOC, visually OOC. Nuff said.
    3. Anna Paquin as Rogue. Butchered the character completely. Bryan Singer can kiss my ass.
    4. Ben Affleck as DD. Another superhero ruined beyond redemption.
    5. Halle Berry as Storm. Poor badass almost Omega level mutant Storm got reduced to a weak sidekick to Wolverine. The X-Men movies are the worst superhero movies to hit the cinema period for ruining numerous characters and almost every storyline from the comics – Dark Phoenix Saga & Days of Future Past anyone? Shadowcat was the pivotal character in the latter, but then they had to go and make everything about Wolverine. Period.
    6. Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. Horrible horrible casting.
    7. Halle Berry (AGAIN!) as Catwoman. I need to bleach my brain so I can forget this movie.
    8. Toby Mcguire as Spiderman. The witty, kinda jerk Spiderman was reduced to a blumbing fool. Cannot say anything more.
    9. Ellen Page as Shadowcat. Another X-men character. Not a surprise.
    10. This one is a tie between numerous actors – Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl, George Clooney (also Michael Keaten & Van Kilmer) as Batman, Chris O’Donell as Robin (well look at that, the trio from Batman & Robin), Jennifer Garner as Elektra, Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler, & Shawn Ashmore as Iceman, the other 3 members of FF in the recent FF movie.

    (Non)Honorable mentions (I might list people from movies which haven’t been released yet purely based on my imaginations + also I’ll mention some villains and supporting characters) – Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Stranger, Ben Affleck as Batman, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (he ruined Green Lantern, now he wants to ruin Wade? Oh hell to the naw!), Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique (sorry girl, you are a good actress but not that good), Lucas Till as Alex Summers/Havoc, the actors who played Psylocke & Kid Omega in XMen:The Last Stand, Kirsten Dunst as MJ, Topher Grace as Venom, Arnold as Mr Freeze, Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, Jamie Fox as Electro, CHANNING TATUM as Gambit (I absolutely despise this casting, Channing is NOTHING like Remy), Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask.

    Now my some of my favourite casting in a superhero movie (I won’t rank them, I’ll just list them):
    Christopher Reeves & Henry Cavill as Superman (especially the former)
    Andrew Garfield as Spiderman/Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
    Patrick Stewart as Prof X
    Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
    Wesley Sniper as Blade
    Roberty Downey Jr as Ironman
    Daniel Cudmore as Colossus (Sadly he was extremely unexplored in the movies)
    James Marsden as Cyclops (even though he was pathetic in the movies, he fit Cyclops)
    Chris Hemsworth as Thor
    JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson

  • Christian

    I thought that Tobey did a way better job portraying the nerdy side of Peter Parker while Garfield was a better, more light hearted Spider-Man. I mean, Andrew Garfield is too much of a model to pull off the geeky, bullied nerd role.

    Also, say what you will about Tobey’s whining, but when your grandpa dies, you’re faced with defeating psychopaths, your best friend tries to kill you (and in turn you give him brain damage), your profession hospitalizes your aunt, and you get dumped by the girl you’ve loved your entire life that you were just about to propose too…. yeah, you’d probably shed a tear or two.

  • Paul Anthony Gallagher

    Ben Affleck as Batman is very poor!

  • hog8oy

    Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschachwas superb

  • Itzel Sigala


  • windowmouse

    Love Ryan Reynolds!

  • windowmouse


  • Vickie Jackson

    Really interesting read. Not sure I agree with some of the choices!!

  • Someone with something

    This is a terrible list

  • Mark Chamberlin

    All the DC character castings are bad and whoever let Affleck be Batman should be sacked!


    Worst: Henry Cavill as Superman.

  • Yo

    Heath Ledger as the Joker should be on the best list somewhere.

  • Anna

    Not the only one!

  • Sky Kuhlman


  • windowmouse

    good article

  • Rie

    I second the Green Lantern comments – such a disappointment.

  • obloodyhell

    Ha. At 6′ 0″, the guy playing Superman on Supergirl is the shortest guy to EVER play Superman onscreen in live-action TV or movies.`

    Face it, Supes is supposed to be a really tall guy.

  • obloodyhell

    1) He’s consistently been the best part, not the cause of any lackluster qualities for the movies in question.
    2) The second Wolverine movie was easily a great film, and the third was hardly “bad to mediocre”. And the first two X-Men movies weren’t “bad to mediocre, either. So you have two bad movies — X-Men 3 and the first solo movie.

  • obloodyhell

    What part, exactly, of the term “super hero casting decisions” did you not quite comprehend?

  • obloodyhell

    And now, years later, I will double down on GL for inclusion in the worst, because then you could have the fun of mirroring Reynolds as the best for Deadpool in the Deadpool movie (or in Wolverine as the worst, but that’s not a “superhero”, so I stand with GL)

  • obloodyhell

    WW2 is easily understood, it has a clear bad guy — Nazis and Japs. Even if you don’t understand war, you can Get It on a visceral level.

    The Cold War is a hell of a lot more tricky to “feel” — especially now, two decades (nearly 3) after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Sorry, I’m old enough to know, the way things worked out was REALLY REALLY unexpected and, if you had predicted it, would have been considered utterly laughably improbable.

    The entirety of Watchmen relies on Adrian’s “Gordian Knot” approach to that issue of how to break the MAD nuclear stalemate. When you don’t understand the stalemate, as anyone born after 1980, and really 1970, cannot, then you can’t understand the attitudes and motivations of people in the context very well. The utter INEVITABILITY of nuclear war was palpable. We dodged a major bullet with that. Thank Reagan and Gorbachev, Reagan raised on the USSR’s busted flush, and Gorby folded, for the good of the world.

    Watchmen is itself a quite competent movie and a very competent adaptation of the comic, don’t get me wrong. But it does not — for reasons argued above — translate to modern time — the primary macguffin can’t be empathized with.

  • Stephen Doolan

    I know this article is from 2013 but if there is one for worst and best casting for supervillans, Jesse Eisenber as Lex Luthor would definitely be in the 5 worst.

  • Jac Helin