Much like Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life earlier this year, Lars von Trier’s Melancholia is a bit of a divisive film. There’ll be plenty of people (myself included) who absolutely love it, but I’ve no doubt that many people won’t really take to it.

I highly recommend that you go and search it out for yourselves if it’s playing in a cinema near you, because even those who don’t love it will likely agree that it’s incredibly well shot, well written, and immensely well acted.

We here in the UK have had the joy of Melancholia in our cinemas since 30th September (and sadly it seems, at least in cinemas near me, to already be disappearing from being shown on the big screen), but the States don’t get it in their cinemas for just over a month, and so we’ve still got the last of their advertising campaign to enjoy over here.

Courtesy of IMP Awards comes a beautiful new poster for the film, showing its lead, Kirsten Dunst, feeling the end of the world as it draws near. And Yahoo Movies have debuted another great new poster for the film in motion form, with Dunst and her co-star Alexander Skarsgård on the cusp of sharing a melancholic kiss.

Though it may be a minor detail, the way Dunst keeps her eyes open in the motion poster whilst Skarsgård looks to have his closed is perfect. And the tranquility of the first poster, in spite of the pending doom, is just utterly beautiful.

I saw this film last week and fell in love with it from the moment it began to the moment it finished, and I am already looking forward to my next viewing. Along with Dunst and Skarsgård, the film also stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kierfer Sutherland, John Hurt, Charlotte Rampling, and Stellan Skarsgård, from a script written by von Trier.

Melancholia very much deservedly won Dunst the Best Actress award at Cannes earlier in the year, and I’m interested to see whether it will do the same at the Academy Awards early next year. Without further ado, here are the great new posters to enjoy. As usual with the former, click to enlarge.