Here’s something you don’t see everyday! Following the news that Disney have an open casting call for the new Star Wars movie in Bristol today, BBC news readers Alex Lovell and David Garmston dressed as two of the best known Star Wars characters to deliver the news report surprising viewers in the BBC Points West region.

The casting call opened up by Disney for J.J Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII was reported to be asking for the role of an orphaned girl was  “street smart and strong” and in her late teens and a “smart capable” man in his late teens or early 20s. Auditions for the roles will be taking place in London, Manchester, Dublin and Glasgow over the course the next month.


Below is the casting call from a @UKopenCall sent to Digital Spy yesterday. The image above comes from BBC Points West Facebook page and thanks to Yahoo for the heads up.


More as we get it!

  • Reece de Ville

    Except the casting could be for any Disney film – and actually doesn’t look legit in the slightest. The casting call comes from a casting assistant who is using a bunch of unofficial Disney logos everywhere to promote the call. It never mentions Star Wars.

    Shocking how all the major news outlets and sites are reporting this as fact – dear oh dear. If it were Disney and they were playing it close to their chest then it would look a little more professional than the personal twitter account that’s been set up….