The problem with shooting outside is that it’s impossible to stop fans and paparazzi from taking photos and video of the action. In the case of Suicide Squad, it’s working in the favour of fans as they’re getting to see Batman chase down The Joker in the Batmobile and climbing on top of the villain’s car to take him down!

Neither Jared Leto or Ben Affleck were on set for this exciting looking sequence, but that is indeed Margot Robbie in the car. These photos raise a lot of questions; is this a flashback to Batman capturing the two criminals or could this take place somewhere near the end of the movie? The former seems more likely.

We’ll have to wait and see though. Regardless of the context, Batman appearing in a non-Batman movie is obviously a first, making his Suicide Squad role somewhat historic in his cinematic history. Hopefully more photos and videos will find their way online soon, and you can see the Batmobile in action right here.

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