It is time friends, for the good and the great of big and small screen sci-fi and fantasy to converge on the capital for this year’s London Film & Comic Con.

Chief amongst the attractions this year is a full cast reunion for the thirtieth anniversary of Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future. Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson lead the stars of the film to join with thousands of fans to go back in time and relive the experience of making one of the most beloved film trilogies of all time.

Back to the Future 30th Anniversary

Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd, Frances Lee McCain, Harry Waters Jr., Marc McClure, Claudia Wells, Jeffrey Weissman, James Tolkan, Ricky Dean Logan and Donald Fullilove all took to the stage to celebrate the event.

The event also helped raise money for Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s charity (Team Fox) with their ‘Up to 88’ campaign with the aim of to help raising $88 000 dollars for the charity at both the event over the weekend and throughout 2015 (30 years since Back to the Future was released).

Our team were on hand and ask questions today, below we’ll publish as many videos and pictures as we can.

 Cast Reunion

Harry Waters Jr.

Donald Fullilove

Frances Lee McCain