If you’ve not come across the new movie, Attack the Block yet then you really need to check out all our coverage of the movie here. We’ve actually been lucky enough to see it too and you can read our five star review here.

Today we have some rather nice video featurettes for each of the main cast members so that you can get to know each of them in turn.

Attack the Block stars Nick Frost, Luke Treadaway and Jodie Whitaker and executive produced by Edgar Wright. It hits UK cinemas 11th May.

Attack the Block is a fast, funny, frightening action adventure movie that pits a teen gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters. It turns a London housing estate into a sci-fi playground. A tower block into a fortress under siege. And teenage street kids into heroes. It’s inner city versus outer space.

Trainee nurse Sam is walking home to her flat in a scary South London tower block when she’s robbed by a gang of masked, hooded youths. She’s saved when the gang are distracted by a bright meteorite, which falls from the sky and hits a nearby parked car. Sam flees, just before the gang are attacked by a small alien creature that leaps from the wreckage. The gang chase the creature and kill it, dragging its ghoulish carcass to the top of the block, which they treat as their territory. While Sam and the police hunt for the gang, a second wave of meteors fall. Confident of victory against such feeble invaders, the gang grab weapons, mount bikes and mopeds, and set out to defend their turf. But this time, the creatures are bigger. Much bigger. Savage, shadowy and bestial, they are hunting their fallen comrade and nothing will stand in their way. The estate is about to become a battleground. And the bunch of no-hope kids who just attacked Sam are about to become her, and the block¹s, only hope.


Moses “The Leader”

Pest “The Funnyman”

Biggz “The Young One”

Dennis “The Hothead”

Jerome “The Brains”