Christian Bale shows off his chameleon-like abilities once again as the sequel to The Dark Knight rolls into production much sooner than anyone expected.

No, wait – it’s Russell Brand on the set of Arthur, a remake of the classic 1980’s comedy which starred the late Dudley Moore.

These photos from also reveal P. T. Anderson regular and renowned supporting actor Luis Guzman performing sidekick duties here, and hilariously kitted out in a Robin costume. Suck it in Luis.

No word yet if Helen Mirren, playing Brand’s put-upon butler (who, interestingly, was played by revered British thesp John Gielgud in the original), will also be donning a superhero costume.

This scene also explains the seemingly random image of the Batmobile on set, which we reported on earlier this month. Loving the mini bar on his utility belt too.

Here are three choice pics – click on the Starcasm link above to see the rest.